F b i assassins now have authority over new attorney applicants

 fbi as human monsters


Imagine that the thugs, torturers and assassins within fbi have authority to block applications to practice law in USA.


The fbi and their friends, operatives, agents, street thugs and assassins are the source of many serious and heinous crimes in USA today. Any alleged slight offense committed by a Target of fbi torture and kill program amounts to a grain of sand on fbi's assassins own murderous and torturous beach . In most fbi cases the fbi hoodlums commit incalculable felonies in pursuit of a possible future misdemeanant.


Note that today the State Bars in many states pathetically turn to fbi assassins and terrorists for backgrounds on new applicants to practice law; imagine that

"good moral character and fitness" are determined by the lowest form of human being in our society, the fbi.


The thugs of fbi have already ruined the judiciary in similar manner by which fbi now corrupts the process for new, prospective attorneys' admission to practice law.


For more on fbi criminal interference with my law license and for more examples of fbi outrageous crimes see the next 2  links.




Note that the data on fbi/Texas State Bar illegal & unethical hacking of my State Bar page (in the last link on the next site) was deleted by fbi. The missing data relates to fraudulent statement by Texas State Bar that I was not eligible to practice law. The Texas State Bar corrected the false data when I published their crimes.



On several occasions the federal courts (especially in El Paso, Texas) unethically interfered with my efforts to practice law.



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