fbi intelligence group is nervous over chatter generated by my reports




The following data cause indigestion for the fbi: After the doctor diagnosed me with "ATRIAL FIBRILLATION WITH RAPID MEAN VENTRICULAR RESPONSE, Abnormal ECG" and at imminent risk of heart attack/stroke caused by ELF, I continued posting my material at various sites. Today (& yesterday), as I was in the doctor's office the fbi entered my car and engaged in gaslighting by changing the settings inside the vehicle. Then, the fbi began gaslighting my wife.


The ELF attacks for the past 3 nights are the worst yet in 15 years of ELF assaults; the intensity was 9.5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most painful in terms of extreme sleep deprivation). I was for several hours incapacitated from the attacks. Thus, I assume gratefully that the fbi assassins and their half witted and psychopathic chiefs at fbi headquarters and in doj are receiving critical chatter resulting from my work.


I cannot stop the fbi's assaults on my wife and I want the world to know that these assaults on me and on my wife reflect the threats facing all the world from the fbi/cia/nsa, et. al.


Meanwhile, I await the USPI fraudulent report of PI Knipfing which I requested under FOIA from USPI through the cooperation of Congressman Gonzalez. Thank you for your attention.


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http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2017/10/435158.shtml I am now diagnosed with ATRIAL FIBRILLATION from ELF attacks.


Re: fbi intelligence group is nervous over chatter generated by my reports

 Death threat in the form of a sick poem from fbi operative:



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