Summary of my recent reports

This summary is a reminder of the profound effects of fbi murderous corruption.


Summary of my recent reports


Summary of my recent reports in 3 parts:


1) Fbi/cia use DEW to cause blindness, deafness, cancer,dementia,sleep deprivation, paralysis, heart attack, all imposed on domestic & foreign Targets. Reputation for trustworthiness =E . To our WW '63, Classmates from George Orwell & me; It's not so much staying alive,  it's staying HUMAN, that's important. What counts is that we don't  _ b  e  t  r  a  y  _ each other.


From my post "Eye Opener": Mapping of the human brain,knowledge of how to affect human behavior by strategic assaults & programmable behavior with neural designs. All applied by fbi/cia on Targets.

A sick,cowardly  populace is often a reflection of its murderous & depraved government. I expect nothing from appeals to reason, nor invocations in the name of humanity,as this is  the 'Age of Madnes'.

Excerpted from "EVIL":

The fbi/cia and others now use the most destructive forces of nature to torture, maim and murder innocent people everywhere.

  At Amazon dot com: "The Joy Thieves" by Mary Joy MacKay: "Billions of U.S. taxpayers' dollars are spent on surveilling and blacklisting innocent citizens."

Contract law recognizes destructive elements of forced agreements & the need to nullify them. We must also discover how to nullify charges against accused when fbi/Police wrongly affect his free will.

For many:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Endure there courageously and thereby leave the gem that is your work & mind for posterity. Thank You  Kindly.


2) Fbi/cia murdered raped tortured blackmailed pillaged persecuted sacrificed rampaged terrorized swindled exploited, libeled committed mayhem & atrocities and crimes against humanity forced suicide.


Comey and his fbi rot the soul of our nation, work secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of democracy, and they infect the body politic so that it can no longer resist. Cicero.

Unintentionally, I opened almost a  half century ago a veritable Pandora's Box of fbi atrocities when I began to study pervasive corruption, fraud and criminality of fbi. The fbi, federal courts, U.S. Attorney,  police et al., try to this moment to close it. They know that if they fail to close the box their evil deeds are forever exposed.


High offcials often intentionally or knowingly cause social chaos and extreme sufferiing of our people. "I suspect that all the crimes committed by all the jailed criminals do not equal in total social damage that of the crimes committed against them." Karl Menninger, M.D.

The most significant whistleblower ever to exit the fbi is GERAL SOSBEE who proves for over half century by clear and convincing evidence that the fbi routinely commits high crimes, including treason. 

The fbi's use of 'gaslighting'  (a damnably evil psychological assault program) on their innocent, political Targets is among the most despicable ever used in covert intelligence operations.

I attended the  54th annual reunion of WW high school,  Dallas,  where I enjoyed the fellowship and whereupon the second that I stepped into the room a female fbi  operative from my class of '63 assaults me with insults and contrived gibberish; later her friend MW pokes me anonymously from Belize. Shame on the two.

Any person who tortures  (physically or mentally), and/ or maliciously murders another human being is eternally  condemned by all that is holy & graceful in the universe, by God/Providence, and by the best spirit of all Mankind.


3) I am privileged to present to the whole world and for the benefit of all the compelling evidence of fbi's murderous corruption and sinister attacks on people globally.See 'World In A Box'.


I extend my most sincere gratitude & eternal best wishes to all of our classmates for the culture of Learning, Involvement,Friendship, Excitement

that our colleagues provided during our high school years; such magnificent environs/esprit  and memories thereof influence me positively from those times to now ('The child is father of the man' and blessedly we have so evolved).

"Evidence of a new, unheralded, & illegal CJS forged by fbi hooligans. " & 'Fbi Agents Rampantly Engage In Criminal Activity'. Geral Sosbee: My reports on

1)The Age of Madness

2) Collapse of The  Constitutional Government of The United States

3) Evidence of fbi insanity. See my reports that contradict the fbi's  public statements regarding the mental states of persons who report assaults by directed energy weapons (DEW); note that the recent violence by Aaron Alexis was the result of torture by DEW and that his claims represent the dying declarations of a victim of fbi high tech assaults. See 'worldinabox' (brain entrainment) by Sosbee online. Kind regards.


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Thanks for the post, I am absolutly agree with author 192.168.l.l


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