All who assist fbi assassins are guilty as principals



All who assist fbi assassins or fail in a duty to stop them are guilty as principals in their felonies. Just a modest note to the chancellors, deans, doctors in all fields, wealthy ruling elite, media moguls, fbi/cia operatives, agents, assets, vigilantes , federal judges, Congress: you who assist in any way (or fail in your duty to check) the torture/mayhem/murder (or attempts thereof) committed by fbi and their hoodlum associates are guilty of felonies and crimes against humanity. I served in battle so that you might enjoy the freedoms which you now exploit as you also destroy America.

While you are not called today to answer for your unconscionable offenses, all Americans ultimately in one way or another suffer for your high crimes. Those of you in doj, nsa, Congress, nsc, SCOTUS, Pentagon who think that you are immune from criminal prosecution are the most delusional in government because our nation cannot rest until you answer for your egregious actions. So, we the people pay for your treason.

This abomination cannot stand. Yours truly, America's favorite sons and daughters in the crosshairs as Targets.

GERAL SOSBEE, 1967, Vietnam



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