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Get Acquainted 

Meet the fbi that always, until my reports, hides its dirty character.



From 1908 to now the fbi grew into the most powerful and corrupt group of thugs ever in USA history.

No more insidious and cowardly assassins and serial killers exist today than those murderers in fbi and twin evil sister cia.

The atrocities by Hitler were hidden for many years by the German intelligence and high command. Today, fbi crimes against humanity are even more aggressively obscured by controlled media, by secret court orders and by fbi top brass. Today's fbi unconscionable crimes that outdo in horror those of the Hitler era include:


Torture by bio-chem-viral agents, space based weaponry (DEW & ELF), toxic fumes pumped into the residence of political Targets, false imprisonment, extreme psychological operations which drive people crazy, forced suicide while being monitored, 24/7/365 for life, quasi imprisonment in one's own home with terrorist & assaultive surveillance all the time; 

and human experimentation while victims suffer mayhem performed on them by fbi and scientists.


The fbi agents and operatives have no moral or ethical guidelines and no oversight. The fbi consists of mainly psychopaths and those who support, fear and lie for them.

The end of freedom in America is the objective of today's fbi, just as it was for the populace in Nazi Germany. The crimes against humanity committed by fbi are not being reported by controlled media and this fact alone is an indictment of the jack booted thugs of that hideous federal agency, the fbi.

The fbi today tells their victims, "The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it".



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