Fascist fbi thugs define USA



Fascist fbi thugs define USA


The rise of *fascist America is spearheaded by fbi in domestic operations. The first casualty of the regime change is honesty, or transparency in government.


Many Americans who are targeted by fbi for whatever reason are destroyed through covert fbi assaults which are the primary methods of fascist rule. Among those of us so targeted by fbi hoodlums are many whose lives reflect hard work and study. We become blacklisted, tortured and murdered by the very society that we honored all of our lives. The fbi and their associates in crime never reveal exactly why a person is decimated because no discussion is permitted.


In my case, as in probably many others, the work and achievements are turned by fbi into a nightmare of personal and professional wreckage.



For 30 years I have sought a way to address the injustices heaped on me by fbi, but at long last I realize that in the great scheme of things my suffering opens another chapter of my life. By turning the pages, I recognize that the horrors delivered to me by fbi assassins are the tools needed to record the hopeless depravity of this fascist state.


Then, as I view my life as a learning exercise for myself and perhaps for others, I give thanks for any good that I may offer the world through my travails. Life's rewards are both bitter and sweet and the true challenge is to welcome both with a sense of purpose which only a few of us ever experience.

Thank you.

* The central authority of fbi is exalted above the individual and extreme force and murderous suppression of opposition is the common practice.



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