A dangerous rogue nation: United States of America


See many of my reports for evidence that USA is a dangerous rogue nation.


A rogue nation:the USA


One must understand that the people who engage in their secret program to stalk, torture and kill the Targets do so as law enforcement officers. Their badges,guns and official credentials are hidden, except when needed to demonstrate their authority as provided by federal magistrate judges.

These psychopaths and the friends on the Bench are more dangerous and abhorrent than the prisoners locked up for life. The fbi plays a supervisory role in all such kill operations.

Most people do not want to believe that the USA is in fact under the murderous control of professional torturers & murderers. They enjoy watching their victims die or go craxy; the judges who empower such human monsters also delight in the suffering delivered by fbi and company.

These judges represent all the horrors and madness in our ers. They and the fbi deserve to stand trial for war crimes similar to those in Nazi Germany. Their standing orders and message to Targets is , "We intend to kill, imprison, threaten, slander and torture you". All police are complicit en queue with the gruesome fbi mandates. https://www.academia.edu/9458784/Evidence_of_a_new_unheralded_illegal_qu...


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Re: A dangerous rogue nation: United States of America

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Re: A dangerous rogue nation: United States of America

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Re: A dangerous rogue nation: United States of America

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