The universality of struggle against evil



See the shocking reality of our very own human monsters, the fbi (*The federal betrayal institute).


This message to me from my friend Constance Rose... ...

has a universal quality which I find may be applicable to many of us here in opposition to fbi thugs and their stalkers/assassins:


"I’d much rather be on our side, regardless of the sorrows. So much higher wisdom has been gained and deepening of spiritual practice."


Thank you Constance Rose for putting into words exactly what I and others also think. The great irony of life is the discovery that we in the resistance to murderous tyranny are at once cursed with the torture imposed on us by sick minds and we are blessed beyond words with the knowledge that our work is for the betterment of mankind and receives the eternal support of Divine Providence.

While I may rationalize a bit here, in my heart and soul I know (as does CONSTANCE) that I and my friends and associates are truly Blessed for our labors.

So, congratulations.


 Federal Betrayal Institute,  aka, fbi




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