Satan Incarnate



Satan Incarnate


Most of us know from first hand experience as innocent Targets of psychopathic fbi and their operatives (who use DEW/ELF, stalking and psychological assaults to torture and kill us) that these human monsters are omnipresent and that they come at us in shifts 24/7/365.


So, I believe that I may correctly state in absolute terms that, based on the evil deeds documented by victims of these insane people, that Satan never sleeps. Fbi is Satan.

Indeed, if ever the criminal mind be exemplified in our time, the fbi hoodlums preeminently define the worst, most despicable & inhumane of our species. We must always remind all who cooperate with fbi in their macabre and torturous campaigns against us that such cooperation is equivalent to a marriage, however brief or extended, made in h e l l.

Congress and all federal judges & SCOTUS sleep with the devil.


Thank you and may Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all individuals on earth who suffer and die under the barbarous attacks from the enemy of mankind, the fbi.




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