Plead Not To The Devil


 Part One:

Satan Incarnate

Most of us know from first hand experience as innocent Targets of psychopathic fbi and their operatives (who use DEW/ELF, stalking and psychological assaults  to torture and kill us) that these human monsters are omnipresent and that they come at us in shifts 24/7/365.

So, I believe that I may correctly state in absolute terms that, based on the evil deeds documented by victims of these insane people, that Satan never sleeps. Fbi is Satan.

Indeed, if ever the criminal mind be exemplified in our time, the fbi hoodlums  preeminently define the worst, most despicable & inhumane of our species.

We must always remind all who cooperate with fbi in their macabre and torturous campaigns against us that such cooperation is equivalent to a marriage, however brief or extended, made in h e l l. Congress and all federal judges & SCOTUS sleep with the devil.

Thank you and may Providence provide aid,  comfort and blessings to all individuals on earth who suffer and die under the barbarous attacks from the enemy of mankind, the fbi.

Part Two:

Plead Not To The Devil

Fifteen  years ago I asked Congress for help in dealing with fbi terrorists' offenses against me. Congressman Pete Sessions was transparently insulting toward me.

I explained to many in Congress that for the previous 15 years I lived in a kind of war zone where the fbi, not the Viet Cong were trying to kill me. 

I naively believed that our representatives in Congress might be able to stop fbi's attempts on my life, especially as I risked my life to defend this government.  
OH! Was I delusional then. 
SCOTUS similarly turned on me eight years later.

Today, I recognize that no short cut to freedom from torture exist; that asking for assistance from the cowards in Congress and the judiciary is an exercise in futility; that I cannot ever again stoop to lick the boots of those whose duty is to thoroughly address the hooligans in fbi and to put them out of their macabre business against those whose sacrifices made their employment possible; that I cannot ask the devil/Satan to "please stop the homicidal thugs of fbi from their filthy & inhumane program ", because fbi is Satan  (people around the world know this better than most Americans);
that any contact with fbi itself would reflect my total insanity; and that no man of integrity asks for permission from MAFIA/fbi  to live as a free man. Besides, the fbi laughs at such desperate pleas.

The dilemma for the world today is to comprehend the threat upon us by the twin evil sisters-offsprings  of darkness-the fbi and cia.

Much of the violence in the world today, including domestic mass murders, are born of fbi's horrific and murderous abuses. Indeed, in some of my well documented studies I show how the fbi pushes Targets into neuroses and then expects them to go out and kill people. See my reports on 
"Fbi: GERAL SOSBEE is a possible mass murderer ".

Finally, as I cannot predict how much time I have under DEW & ELF attacks which induced heart disease in me, my one and only recourse on behalf of civilized people is to write about my battle with fbi human monsters. They turn all who listen to them into accessories or principals to murder.

Thank you and may Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer (& who are likely to suffer) under the murderous program spreading globally by these enemies of humanity, the fbi/cia.


Re: Plead Not To The Devil

Re: Plead Not To The Devil

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Re: Plead Not To The Devil

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Re: Plead Not To The Devil

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