Fbi corrupts society and the minds of individuals



The fbi thrives on conflict, violence, torture and death .


Many of the incidents in this country where people go crazy and harm others is associated with fbi's covert and inhumane operations which bear the imprimatur of their operatives in the federal judiciary. I and thousands of others write about the travesties imposed on us by psychopaths in fbi, but controlled media covers up the societal damage caused by fbi's own deranged agents. Below are my general observations on my ability to recognize and overcome the evil that fbi perpetuates 24/7/365 in the USA.




Through all of the attacks, physical & psychological, where I endured unending assaults continuing this minute by fbi stalkers, torturers with DEW/ELF, thugs and assassins, etc., one glaring fact about myself stands out:

I have power over my mind during all such sorry episodes. While I can never control the hostilities of others sent by fbi to cause me harm, I can examine my own character & nature and I can observe the evil, the psychopathology and immoral conduct of those who seek to terrorize, torture, or kill me. So, for the 3 decades of my life under seige by fbi's most horrible human beings, I now understand that the greatest asset I possess (& the one that most confounds the stalkers and assassins) is... I have somehow, through it all acquired or discovered in me the one quality that emerges only through battle and prolonged hardship.

That quality is one that I know many of my associates here recognize and discover through their own tumultuous and unending ordeals. I speak of our S T R E N G T H . The evil people can harass, torture, exhaust and murder us, but they generally cannot rob us of our God given strength. The fact that we prevail together over the murderers is a testament to our great instincts and abilities to overcome and even create during our sufferings.

Thank you and may you & I continue to tap into that universal human trait that is also often referred to as the indomitable human spirit. We have it because life is forever sacred and blooming in us; they don't because death is their eternal companion and raison d'être.

Corruption of society: https://www.academia.edu/13447621/Corruption_of_Law_and_Society_By_fbi

Media serve fbi as accessories to their high crimes:


15 years ago I wrote this on topic: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/fbiciade-mystifi.html



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