In A Nutshell


I   e x p o s e   Fbi thugs

I  e x p o s e  Fbi as  thugs


In A Nutshell


After extensive background investigation of my life by fbi, the demented director of that den of demons, *J. Edgar Hoover himself hired me in 1971 to serve the USA as a Special Agent with that bureau.


Then, after seven and one half years of service and *numerous accomplishments and **commendations , the back stabbers and thugs at fbi headquarters decided that I knew all about their fraud and crimes against the people; so, as I was a potential liability to fbiMAFIA, I was invited to leave (see the Rodriguez case, ).

Now, after numerous attempts on my life and 30 years innumerable criminal assaults in their vendetta , fbi continue efforts to provoke a violent response from me.

The sorry thugs and miscreants of fbi completely fail though to neutralize me. Indeed, by their atrocities committed against me, my voice (the real Voice of America) echoes around the globe and is reviewed by hundreds of thousands of individuals in and out of governments.

The fbi is a pathetic group of scoundrels and assassins and, as I have shown for the past twenty years, are BAD LOSERS.

I prevail over them because of the resounding truthfulness of all of my documentaries. The fbi is finished and I help end their reign of pure terror over the people.

The fbi and cia have corrupted law & society, have overthrown the legitimate government here, and have turned ruthlessly against all of mankind in murderous and insane cruelty ,using DEW/ELF/PSYOPS against defenseless and innocent people.




Overthrow of government of United States of America by fbi and cia:

Corruption of Law and Society:



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