Targets of torturers and assassins are robbed, but enlightened




The fbi and their gang of torturers & assassins have robbed us of our normal lives. They have also hijacked our consciousness by forcing us to live under constant physical and psychological assaults 24/7/365 for life.

As I previously suggested, we need a Nuremberg type trial to hold the murderous tyrants responsible for their heinous crimes including forced suicide.


This holiday season I search for meaning in the crimes committed against Targets by fbi/cia, et. al. I find a few :

1) Only those of us who suffer under unconscionable offenses can truly understand the meaning of the phrase, "man's inhumanity to man". 2) As we are decimated by thugs and murderers, we yet discover through a new , painfully forged perspective the true meaning of the liberty that was ours before criminals swarmed over us.

3) We also learn how to appreciate our present lives from moment to moment.

4) And we learn how to organize to resist the tidal waves of evil coming straight at us and causing serious injury and death.

5) Finally, our own spirit as enlightened human beings looms above all atrocities and perpetrators as we are presumed guardians of human rights as recorded online, in Law suits, appeals, etc.


Re: Targets of torturers and assassins are robbed, but enlightened

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