2000 thousand years later

 2000 years later and fbi continues torture, mayhem & murder of falsely accused.



The torture and slow murder of *Jesus were committed by the same mentality of murderous psychopaths who today torture, devastate and murder our people by use of DEW/ELF, PSYOPS, Stalking, Calumny, etc.

Also, we modern victims of fbi human monsters are invariably kind, caring and benevolent as was Jesus. Even the ' respectable ' members of our society, showing no mercy, join with the killers en queue in savage, insensitive decimation of the Target.


Yet, JESUS 2 thousand years ago forgave.

When, I ask, will people cease being barbaric toward one another? Forgiveness of the assassins while they perpetrate unconscionable crimes is not a reasonable act. I cannot forgive the killers today because they spend their lives in torture, mayhem and murder, and they often smile in sadistic delight as their Target sustains unspeakable anguish and prolonged suffering from the horrors imposed upon them.

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*(Jesus)... was killed because he was so courageously loving and his enemies just couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone who truly knows Christ will embrace his amazing grace, (&) celebrate the expansiveness of his (love for mankind.)


- Today, the evil of the fbi murderers & torturers is in sharp contrast to the great and benign character of most of their victims.


Re: 2000 thousand years later

Re: 2000 thousand years later

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Re: 2000 thousand years later

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Re: 2000 thousand years later

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