World held hostage


World is held hostage by DEW, ELF, and related technology wielded by fbi/cia. 



The human race held hostage


The people who control the world intelligence community headed by fbi/cia/nsa are psychopathic and clever.

They know that their methods and practices of forcing all human beings to conform subserviently to their dictates will be made public; little by little the secret torture and murder apparatus are exposed through victims like you & I. So, in a sense, this targeting of people around the world represents the largest ransom demand ever made for hostages.


The hostages are all human beings; the price is total and complete surrender of all unto the authority that has taken over the world. Those of us who are presently being tortured, imprisoned and murdered are sacrificed in order that others (bystanders) will understand that anyone in resistance will be similarly sacrificed. The struggle of those who are sacrificed (i.e., targeted for torture and death by the world's intelligence community) is now clearly Everyman's battle.


People never learned the simplest lesson of government corruption:

that when one person is abused and deprived of his/her human and civil rights by government , all people are threatened and at risk by the same arbitrary and inhumane authority.

My recent message to friends and associates on FACEBOOK:

For whatever reason the assassins of fbi, et al, have put each of us in their torture and kill program, all is done in violation of every universally recognized human rights concepts known to mankind. I choose to fight the human monsters of fbi until their DEW & ELF & PSYOPS attacks kill me. This is my passion of life and in a real sense my 'CALLING'. Thank you for sharing and permit this observation: all of us here represent the very best of our culture for our endurance and resistance; our efforts establish the standard for future generations subjected to USA's inhumane and criminal deeds which include torture, mayhem and murder.


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Re: World held hostage

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