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 Whatsapp status or Whatsapp quotes for whatsapp and facebook :- I think You Are searching for best & Unique whatsapp status & Whatsapp quotes,then you got success to reach at that place.Here we provided great collection of whatsapp status and i assure that you will really enjoy to read and share.here we have huge and different category of statuses like alone status , love status , attitude status , motivational status , cute status and etc.


You’re important and you exist for reason.

one hand,while driving on “MUCHCHH’ and the other on steering wheel.

Ek main aur Ek tu baaki Fitte muhh..

Pyar karna kisike bas ki baat nahi, jigar chahiye apni khushiyan barbad karne ke liye…

Dear god i don’t want anything from u , just make my parents happy & Forever with me.

If you don’t challenge yourself, You’re mentally dead.

Your name is my favorite word.

complaining is silly either act or forget.

they call us dreamers but we’re the ones who didn’t sleep.

what i am looking for is not out there, it is in me.

work for a cause not for applause. live life to express not to impress.

It can take me anywhere between 0.02 seconds and 3 days to reply to a text.

Sometimes it is painful to see that the people most appreciate is a false.

Girls with open messy hair, chubby cheeks, a dimple and spectacles.. Aww you look so cute.!

Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out and try…..

Alone doesn’t mean lonely, lonely doesn’t have to be alone.

Things r beautiful if u love them.


Re: whatsapp status

Re: whatsapp status


Our wtzapp status is the one which makes our personality to be revealed to all people. And i really like the way this has been becoming a habit or something like a craze. Right now i have kept this tags from a well known Edu Birdie Reviews blog. I really like that.


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