Our 'suciedad' is forged by fbi traitors and their small minded supporters



Our 'suciedad' (dirty society).

Fbi assassins and terrorists, with stalkers, gangsters, torturers and traitors turn our 'sociedad'  (society) into 'suciedad' where people actually feel obliged to attack & provoke Targets.

The dirt of our 'suciedad' is found in the filthy persons (well known to Targets) who terrorize and torture us 24/7/365 for life.

Some of our best and most productive citizens break under the pressure of attacks and this delights the fbi thugs who direct all gangstalking atrocities including assaults by DEW.

We here who expose these crimes, many of which are committed by mindless neighbors en queue from fbi handlers, seek to awaken all to the very dirty minds that rule by fiat and with violence in this 'suciedad'.

These evil and aggressive people are the same small minds...


...who support fbi traitors to the government, the people and humanity.


So meet the dirty dead who create our 'suciedad'. Maybe you recognize them here because they all act alike in their sneaky, backstabbing, slanderous ways.


Re: Our 'suciedad' is forged by fbi traitors and their small minded supporters

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Re: Our 'suciedad' is forged by fbi traitors and their small minded supporters

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