Fbi is this century's syndicated tsunami of crime

 In order to see the bloody filth of fbi...


...Enter fbi wax house of horrors




See my papers, posts,  WRIT, articles and reports for proof that fbi is so completely out of control and criminal that even our 'great' leaders fear and support them.

*At  GeralSosbee Academia.edu. 

"Scam of the millennium "

"New, unheralded, illegal, quasi criminal justice system forged by fbi "

"What would you do if ?"

Et Al.


Many of our people are being this minute terrorized by fbi with assaults using DEW and ELF and by fbi's own cadre of assassins,  thugs, punks and fools (including ordinary citizens).

The USA is overthrown from within by the supreme global terrorists in fbi  who drape themselves in the flag and in standards that I once defended on the battlefield,  the United States of America. 


The USA is, 'can't ya see', a nation ruled by 

T r a i t o r s.

www.SOSBEE vfbi.com


 The fbi's crime wave (unprecedented in human affairs) causes a global crisis by superimposing on the Global society a suspicion or fear that is pervasive and ingrained in the minds of most people; so, the loss of civility coupled with a budding hostility is now become the cornerstone of fbi's wax  house of horrors which little by little becomes ours.


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