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Fbi History Book 1996

See the fbi History Book, Turner Publisher,1996 and note that the complete history book of the fbi as MAFIA is being written now by former fbi agent GERAL SOSBEE who defines his former colleagues as for the most part criminally insane for engaging in torture, mayhem & murder most of their careers.

Image from  Fbi History Book, 1996:

Continuation of fbi crimes


Fbi sends Mexican nationals to assault me


Fbi expands their use of Mexican nationals to harass and provoke this war veteran. The Mexican thug is about 70 years of age, drives a suv with Mexican plates, is accompanied by wife, and joins with his daughter and dangerous son in law to assault me frequently in my residence.


The fbi gives safe passage to Mexican assassins entering USA to commit crimes against my person, while the fbi directs ICE and DHS to criminally stalk and harass me frequently.


“fbi Crime Spree Is Supported By All High Officials” with introduction added after first posting.


Notice to Congress


Several  months  ago I humbly asked Congressman Vicente Gonzalez for assistance in why the USPI Trey Knipfing and his associate (a retarded high level State cop) Conrad Rodriguez violate FOIA and Texas ORA.

Unless the congressman forthwith makes even a minimal effort in this matter, I have this to say to him and others in Congress and the courts:


My Pleas To Corrupt Quislings in Congress Ignored


I indict federal judiciary & Congress with high crimes

Controlled Media Hides Significant f b I Whistleblower From Public


Controlled Media Hides Significant fbi Whistleblower From Public


Significant fbi whistle blower hidden by controlled media


This report is very special

 I attempt to address one of the most difficult topics facing Targets of fbi covert intelligence operations which may be summarized as follows:


The fbi builds a parade of horribles against the political Target, so that Congress and the courts upon reading the contrived file refuse to entertain pleas for help.



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