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Gender Justice

Woman’s March on Austin Highlights

More than 50,000 people showed up to speak out for woman's rights in Austin! Video by Jeff Zavala, ZGraphix Productions & Austin Indymedia

HBO Def Poet Joaquin Zihuatanejo at Woman’s March on Austin

This amazing open letter from HBO Def Poet Joaquin Zihuatanejo truly inspires and gives hope for the blooming of a movement! More than 50,000 people showed up to speak out for woman's rights in Austin! Video by Jeff Zavala, ZGraphix Productions & Austin Indymedia

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Ocena jakości orbitreków Kettler

Przed tym jak zdecydujemy się na zakup określonego orbitreku, powinniśmy zbadać sprzęt pod kilkoma względami. Po pierwsze powinniśmy wziąć pod uwagę nasze odczucia, czy określony sprzęt zapewnia nam swobodę wszystkich ruchów, czy jest wygodny, daje nam stabilność i pełne bezpieczeństwo. Ciało musi się właściwie układać, ciężar musi być odpowiednio porozkładany między poszczególne partie mięśniowe. Dobrze dobrana platforma pod stopy powinna mieć wąski rozstaw.

42nd Roe v. Wade Anniversary Celebration in Texas 2015

After a dreadful 2013 legislative session, tearful Supreme Court cases deciding the fate of our women's health clinics, and a statewide election that will only ensure further restrictions on women's choice, we are coming together for our 2nd annual Roe v. Wade celebration and its effects on liberating women to not only plan their families, but maintain full agency over their own bodies. Learn more at: http://riseuptx.org http://getequal.org http://safeplace.org https://mamasofcolorrising.wordpress.com Filmed / Edited by Jeffry Zavala, Grace Alfar & Michelle Dougherty. Music by Kiya Heartwood "Change (Is Gonna Come)" An Austin Indymedia Production. http://Austin.Indymedia.org/

Rosario Dawson on Star Power Innovative Ways to Engage Millennials SXSW 2014

Engaging millennials now takes more than just traditional outreach methods. Innovative approaches such as leveraging celebrity voices and platforms, new technologies and culturally relevant messaging is critical for impacting the social behavior of the fastest growing demographic. 

Join actor and activist Rosario Dawson, co-founder of Voto Latino, and moderator Alex Wagner, host of MSNBC's "NOW with Alex Wagner," for a conversation about how to effectively mobilize Latino millennials to create social change in their communities.

Videography/Editing by Jeffry Zavala.

Produced for Waywire. 

Post by Grace Alfar

Abortion Stigma Busting Video Competition



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