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Immigrant Rights

NWO Trump Card


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Greg Casar's Election Victory Party 2014

Greg “Gregorio” Casar took the District 4 seat for Austin City Council with 2,851 votes, or 64.62 percent, according to unofficial results. Casar’s opponent, Laura Pressley, garnered 1,561 votes, or 35.38 percent. “My first priority is listening to and working with a diverse group of constituents in District 4," Casar said. "It’s not just about my agenda but about what the families in my district need.”

The attack against Charlie Hebdo

Down with the Union Sacrée! Down with the bourgeois Republic!


No to religious wars! No to imperialist democracy!

Texas Soon May Detain 3,500 Immigrant Family Members at Private Prisons with Sexual Assault Histories


A Look Inside Obama's Broken Immigration System

A look inside Obama's broken immigration system examines the functioning of American policy towards immigrants. Community members from all over Austin, gathered to honor the children who have traveled a dangerous path to our Texas border. They’re escaping violence caused by economic, psychological and political oppression. The goal is to rise above the political rhetoric and come together in solidarity in the hope that our common humanity can embrace these children.

Music by David Rovics "No One is Illegal"
Videography by Grace Alfar & Nathan Blond.
Editing by Jeff Zavala & Grace Alfar.
Austin Indymedia Production.

Texas Immigrant Rights Caravan Ends with Die-In at Senator Cornyn's Office

From reformimmigrationfortexas.org:

Six more people were arrested today in Austin, Texas protesting the border militarization provisions in immigration reform.

Their arrests come two days after three were arrested at the Democratic Party headquarters in Dallas, where they were also protesting militarization.

About 300 people people flooded 6th Street in Austin just before rush hour. They shut down traffic, blocking cars with giant cardboard fences — representing the border wall. Protestors demonstrated in front of the fence and handed out leaflets with information on the humanitarian crisis of migrant deaths at the border. Militarization forces migrants into the hands of criminals who promise to get them to the U.S., but who often abuse, exploit or abandon them. Those making the journey alone are pushed into the most dangerous, most remote areas. Falfurrias, Texas is one such area where the number of bodies is overwhelming the small police force there.

The protest was a die-in. Think sit-in.

Father's Day Vigil at Polk County Immigrant Detention Center

Grassroots Leadership, Texans United for Families, Liberating Immigrant Families Together, la TUYA, Living Hope Wheelchair Association, Houstons United for the Prevention of Border Deaths and allies led a second vigil and protest outside of the IAH Polk Secure Adult Detention Center calling for its immediate closure. After conducting a visit during the summer of 2012 and speaking with numerous men detained at the facility, members of TUFF, Grassroots Leadership & allies identified the Polk County Detention Center as one of the top ten worst immigrant prisons in the U.S., guilty of committing acute and chronic human rights violations.




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