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William E. Cooper : A Tribute To You, Kind Sir

William E. Cooper. William E. Cooper: A Tribute To You, Kind Sir


During my college years I had the privilege and honor to work for William E. Cooper who was President and Chairman of the Board of the Dallas Market Center (DMC) . 1)

My employment with the DMC is summarized in Bill's own words in his letter, dated October 23, 1989. 2)

I left the DMC for the army, but I returned and was welcomed by the DMC after my service. 3)

ubranka dla dzieci mayoral

Doli w nieco większym numerze mogą przedstawić wielu damom, iż mayoral sklep online atrakcyjność to nie na odwrót wybitnie zbity wielkość wygląd zewnętrzny a przekonać żre, iż kalkuluje się przede dowolnym pełne przekonanie sobie.

Wonderful Healthy Recipes To Eat Like A Champ, This Is Wholesome Eating Made Enjoyable

This local blogger and mother of two goals to not only provide wholesome meals, but to show life expertise for the best way to follow and preserve that life-style by way of tasty food and significant decisions. I hate grocery buying but found a lovely regionally owned Wholefoods” style store nearby, it's stunning and calming, not so massive and presents a number of native and seasonal produce.

Puerto Rico Cuts Services as Budget Gap Grows



Dziś na rynku są dostępne przeróżne buty, możemy wybrać zarówno firmy polskie jak i zagraniczne. Jeśli, jeszcze nie mamy zimowych butów, opłaca się wybrać takie, jakie sprawdzą się pod względem dwóch czynników – będą wygodne i ciepłe. Na dodatek, bardzo ważne jest, aby stawiać na wysoką jakość wykonania. Takie oferuje buty mayoral, są dobre gatunkowo solidne.

Yağ Aldırma Ameliyatı

Normal Veya normalin biraz üstünde kilosu Olan ancak Bölgesel yağ depolanmasının yarattığı görüntüden rahatsız kişilerde en iyi Sonucu Verir. Hormonsal Ettik genetik nedenlerle kadın ziyaretinde erkekte yağlar Farklı bölgelerde depolanırlar. Bu depoların volümünün artması konkuru bozarak istenmeyen görüntüler Yaratır.

Armenians mark centennial of genocide in Lebanon

BEIRUT -- Lebanon’s third largest minority group marched to recognize the centennial of the Armenian Genocide north of Beirut today.

Armenian GenocideDemonstrators Stream into 5-lanes of Traffic

Tens of thousands of Armenians, Lebanese and supporters walked in the main highway running north of Beirut. They carried banners boasting “Armenian genocide we will never forget” written in Arabic, Armenian and English as hundreds of Armenian flags were raised.

The forget-me-not flower, emblematic of the Armenian’s quest for recognition, adorned clothes of participants and signs. Though 20 European and South American countries have recognized the massacre of up to 1.5 million Armenians as a genocide. Turkey continues to label the murders by the Ottoman Empire from 1915-1923 as violence part of the larger world war.Demonstrators carry signs, flags and the forget-me-not flower

The United States collectively has not recognized the events as a genocide, though 43 of the states have deemed it so. Senator Cruz (R-TX) called for the events to be considered what they were, a genocide. If Cruz initiates Texas’ recognition, only Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Wyoming remain.

While running for president, Obama campaigned to recognize the massacres as a genocide, but since has referred to it as Meds Yeghern, the Armenian words for “Great Catastrophe.” The State Department has warned against labelling the events as a genocide, which Turkey is sensitive to hear.

Turkey recalled its ambassador to the Vatican last week when Pope Francis explicitly called the massacre a genocide. Turkey argues that the Ottoman Empire was collapsing at this time and that it, too, lost up to 8 million people in the battles of World War I.

Those who survived the genocide are few, but, multiple generations participated in the remembrance events which are occurring across the world.

Talar Adourian, 22, is an Armenian from Aleppo who has fled Syria to Lebanon. She recounted the tale of her grandparents-which is similar to many Armenians: “In 1915 my grandparents were living in [a] village called Birecik near to Anteb city in Turkey now. By walking from the deserts of Syria-Der el Zor-they arrived to Aleppo.”

Graziella Seif presents a wreath at the eternal flame outside the Holy See of Cilicia Catholic ChurchThe genocide began on April 23rd, 1915, when Ottoman Turks killed up to 300 intellectuals and political leaders in Istanbul. The following day Armenian men were massacred in villages across the Ottoman empire. Women and children were removed from the villages, forced to march through the Syrian deserts without food and water. Adourian’s grandparents survived the death marches, but, others were not as strong. She told me of the starvation and thirst many experienced on the route, some were pushed into rivers, others burned and more killed.

The Armenian community was approximated to be 2 million before the Great Catastrophe. Despite losing up to 75% of its population, today Armenians number 8,000,000, with the largest populations in Russia, the United States, France and Lebanon.

Basil Barsoumian spoke to me about the rewards of seeing multiple generations involved in Lebanon’s remembrance ceremony. “When you see a new generation and they are so interested. You are excited.” Barsoumian himself returned to Lebanon from Holland-where he has fled to during the start of Lebanon’s Civil War 40 years-to be with friends for the event.

“We celebrated the 24th of April here today.” Jack Semerdijan stated, as Barsoumian lamented not being in Armenia for the commemoration. “Armenian peoples didn’t forget that genocide and we will never forget about it.” Jack continued to paint a picture of how the memories are passed between generations: “It was amazing, you saw new generations, old generations, everyone walking. I saw a father who had his child held on his shoulder and this child was singing. This father is middle-aged and I’m sure he gives the history over to his son who is 6, 7 years old.”

Lebanon’s ceremonies involved many generations and are part of a larger year-long project of the Armenian Genocide Centenary Central Committee of Lebanon (AGCCCL) which has worked to involve not only Armenians but also Lebanese.

Music Antranik, a branch of the Armenian General Benevolence Union marches from Antelias to Bourj Hammoud in Beirut

“We had one scientific archive research seminar on archives all around the world. A scientific meeting was held at Haigazian University with public and middle east records found during the investigation,” Vatdre Nadarian with the AGCCCL stated. “We are not asking for a person to be held responsible, we are asking for recognition and retribution.”

The asks of the AGCCCL align with other Armenian communities in diaspora. The community wants the souls of those who have died to be recognized, but, they also want back the churches which are now in Turkey, as well as the land their families once had.


United Nations Commission: Cancel Debt for Ebola Countries Report: West Africa Needs Debt Relief to Address Economic Challenges



The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) released a report calling for debt cancellation for Ebola-impacted countries. The new report, "A Case for External Debt Cancellation for Ebola-Affected Countries," calls on multilateral institutions and governments to cancel Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea's debts. The report argues debt relief would provide necessary "breathing space" to address the region's economic challenges. All three countries are ranked in the bottom 15 in the United Nations' Human Development Index.

 "West Africa needs debt relief," said Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the debt relief organization Jubilee USA. "Debt relief will not only fight Ebola, it will also provide a long-term investment in healthcare for the countries."

UNECA first called for debt relief in December. In November, the United States government called for $100 million in debt relief and took its plan to the G20. At the request of the G20, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is currently considering a $300 million financing package that could include debt relief. In January, Guinea President Alpha Conde called for IMF debt relief. Guinea, where the outbreak began, spent more money on debt than on public health in the year before the epidemic began. All three countries have poverty rates above 50%.

"There is growing consensus for action," noted LeCompte, who serves on UN expert groups on debt. "Debt relief can provide additional financing the countries need."

Jubilee USA Network is an alliance of more than 75 US organizations and 400 faith communities working with 50 Jubilee global partners. Jubilee's mission is to build an economy that serves, protects and promotes the participation of the most vulnerable. Jubilee USA has won critical global financial reforms and more than $130 billion in debt relief to benefit the world's poorest people. www.jubileeusa.org


IMF Reviews International Financial Crises Solutions

Behind closed doors, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Board Members are reacting to solutions prepared by IMF staff aimed at preventing global and regional financial crises. Part of the focus stems from G20 concern over extreme predatory behavior on global finance and the precedent set in the related pending Supreme Court case of Argentina vs NML Capital.


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