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Roy Casagranda on "A Reconsideration of Modernity"

On September 11, 2013, Professor Roy Casagranda examined contemporary modernity and its failings at Austin Community College Eastview Campus.

G7 Focuses on Ukraine and Global Financial Stability

The G7 is meeting in Brussels for its annual summit. Initially Russia planned to host the conference, but G7 leaders excluded Russia's participation over the crisis in Ukraine. In addition to the situation in the Ukraine, the agenda will feature conversations on debt restructuring, development and global financial stability.

Supreme Court Hears Argentina Predatory Hedge Fund Discovery Case


Jubilee USA Files to Supreme Court in Landmark Debt Case


Argentina Requests Supreme Court Reverse Federal Court Rulings that favor Predatory Hedge Funds


Argentina Files Final Supreme Court Appeal in Global Hedge Fund Debt Case

 Religious Community Joins IMF, Legitimate Investors and Governments in Opposing Exploitative Hedge Fund Behavior

Predatory Hedge Funds and Argentina Face Supreme Court Showdown in Landmark Global Poverty Case

 Argentina is expected to appeal to the US Supreme Court by mid-February in response to a US 2nd Circuit Court ruling order

The Super Rich Reinvent U.S. Capitalism

 As U.S. corporate profits soar to record highs, food stamps for the neediest were quietly cut. The politicians who are demanding endless cuts to social programs — Democrats and Republicans alike — insist that the U.S. is broke, all the while conveniently ignoring the mountains of tax-free wealth piling up in the pockets of the super rich.

The Time Has Come For $15 Minimum Wage

 In one of comedian Chris Rock’s routines, he observes: “You know what that means when someone pays you a minimum wage? You know what your boss is trying to say? ‘Hey, if I could pay you less, I would, but it’s against the law.’” 

Protest Underscores Continuing Privatization of Oregon Schools

 The Oregon Business Association (OBA) held its annual Statesman Dinner on October 17 to honor the Statesman of the Year. The event was fraught with anomalies, not least of which was the fact that the award went to Sue Levin, the Executive Director of Stand for Children Oregon. 


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