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Movie Review: Dirty Wars

 Jeremy Scahill, reporter for such outlets as The Nation and Democracy Now, has come out with the most hard hitting documentary of recent years entitled, “Dirty Wars.” He takes us around the globe from Afghanistan to Yemen and Somalia documenting the crimes of U.S imperialistic foreign policy in tragic detail.

The Coming Grand Bargain: “We’re All Neoliberals Now”

 After the U.S. government shutdown you’d expect Republicans and Democrats to remain at each others’ throats, so different was their vision for the country, or so it appeared.

Labor Needs to Recalibrate and Fight

 While the U.S. media has been obsessed with the in-fighting between Democrats and Republicans, as well as the recent government shutdown and the global/domestic ramifications of a possible government default, little attention has been paid to a looming disaster confronting working people: Obama is again threatening to cut “entitlement” programs, meaning Social Security and Medicare. 

IMF Secures Windfall Gold Sales Profits for Concessional Lending to Low-Income Nations


The UAW Takes One Step Forward, and One Backward

 Trying to rebound off the ropes, where it has been pummeled for the past several decades, The United Auto Workers (UAW) has launched an aggressive organizing campaign in the South, in line with an AFL-CIO resolution emphasizing organizing there, where unionization rates are weak across the board.

Fast Food Workers Win a Union…through Zoolidarity

 Union members have watched in awe as fast food workers struck over the last year, calling for “$15 and a union.” Despite the slogan, however, the prevailing wisdom has been that union recognition isn’t really the goal; that’s too hard against giant employers insulated by a layer of franchises, with a part-time and transient workforce.

Measles is Back . ..Thanks to the Church


 Measles, an often deadly disease which the world had almost eradicated, is back.

National headlines focused on a Texas fundamentalist church which preached that faith, rather than childhood vaccination, was the way to proceed, a prescription which has, sadly, led to a cluster of sick parishioners. The victims are primarily children who were not vaccinated, after their parents heard sermons against it.


RADI.MS The media you were waiting for will soon be born. A new world from integral revolution

 A new media is in the making. Springing from a spirit of rebellion, from everywhere, anywhere and nowhere. A quality media, because being an activist does not mean giving up being a journalist. An independent media, because being a journalist does not mean giving up being a revolutionary. A creative and surprising media, because being reliable does not mean being boring.

Labor Leaders, Obamacare, and the Fate of the Unions

 A funny thing happened a couple of months ago: labor leaders finally awoke from their coma and realized that Obamacare was not only bad for unions, but for working families in general.

A funny thing happened a couple of months ago: labor leaders finally awoke from their coma and realized that Obamacare was not only bad for unions, but for working families in general. - See more at: http://workerscompass.org/labor-leaders-obamacare-and-the-fate-of-the-unions/#sthash.G5PO4QiM.dpuf

At the AFL-CIO Convention, Leaders Ask: What Direction for Labor?

 The acknowledgment of Labor’s existential crisis and the recognition that something must be done to resolve it is the key issue at the AFL-CIO’s four-day quadrennial convention in Los Angeles. The urgency of the situation has compelled Labor’s top officials to experiment in a search for solutions.


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