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Fbi History Book 1996

See the fbi History Book, Turner Publisher,1996 and note that the complete history book of the fbi as MAFIA is being written now by former fbi agent GERAL SOSBEE who defines his former colleagues as for the most part criminally insane for engaging in torture, mayhem & murder most of their careers.

Image from  Fbi History Book, 1996:

Fbi sends Mexican nationals to assault me


Fbi expands their use of Mexican nationals to harass and provoke this war veteran. The Mexican thug is about 70 years of age, drives a suv with Mexican plates, is accompanied by wife, and joins with his daughter and dangerous son in law to assault me frequently in my residence.


The fbi gives safe passage to Mexican assassins entering USA to commit crimes against my person, while the fbi directs ICE and DHS to criminally stalk and harass me frequently.


Woe unto these a soulless nation


Controlled Media Hides Significant f b I Whistleblower From Public


Controlled Media Hides Significant fbi Whistleblower From Public


I, FACEBOOK & Fbi, aka the 'burro'


Our Sorry Hoodlums in fbi, Congress, SCOTUS

 I have studied the fbi for half a century and from my experiences as 1) a Special Agent and thereby material witnesses to fbi high crimes 2) a victim of fbi extreme retaliation and 3) an observer of the psychopathic conduct of fbi's own serial killers, torturers and provocateurs, I understand today that these horrible fbi hoodlums  (and their bosses like Hoover, Mueller, Comey) actually enjoy their commission of torture,  mayhem and murder against selected individuals. 

Congress & SCOTUS are forever shamed for their roles in fbi atrocities against persons and crimes against humanity.

Destiny No Longer A Mystery

 Destiny No Longer A Mystery

Hope may lead to crippling despair


Our Society In A Trance


Lest we forget



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