Atrocities by fbi/cia

“fbi Crime Spree Is Supported By All High Officials” with introduction added after first posting.


Notice to Congress


Several  months  ago I humbly asked Congressman Vicente Gonzalez for assistance in why the USPI Trey Knipfing and his associate (a retarded high level State cop) Conrad Rodriguez violate FOIA and Texas ORA.

Unless the congressman forthwith makes even a minimal effort in this matter, I have this to say to him and others in Congress and the courts:


The real fbi


Our Sorry Hoodlums in fbi, Congress, SCOTUS

 I have studied the fbi for half a century and from my experiences as 1) a Special Agent and thereby material witnesses to fbi high crimes 2) a victim of fbi extreme retaliation and 3) an observer of the psychopathic conduct of fbi's own serial killers, torturers and provocateurs, I understand today that these horrible fbi hoodlums  (and their bosses like Hoover, Mueller, Comey) actually enjoy their commission of torture,  mayhem and murder against selected individuals. 

Congress & SCOTUS are forever shamed for their roles in fbi atrocities against persons and crimes against humanity.

Destiny No Longer A Mystery

 Destiny No Longer A Mystery

Trauma and Stress Designed and Induced By fbi


Hope may lead to crippling despair


Hope may lead to crippling despair


Our Society In A Trance


DEW Effects On A Target



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