Crimes by fbi

Fbi's future admissions of past crimes


fbi Crime Spree Goes Too Far


The Comey Effect


Fbi sends Mexican nationals to assault me


Fbi expands their use of Mexican nationals to harass and provoke this war veteran. The Mexican thug is about 70 years of age, drives a suv with Mexican plates, is accompanied by wife, and joins with his daughter and dangerous son in law to assault me frequently in my residence.


The fbi gives safe passage to Mexican assassins entering USA to commit crimes against my person, while the fbi directs ICE and DHS to criminally stalk and harass me frequently.


My Pleas To Corrupt Quislings in Congress Ignored


Woe unto these a soulless nation


Controlled Media Hides Significant f b I Whistleblower From Public


Controlled Media Hides Significant fbi Whistleblower From Public


This report is very special

 I attempt to address one of the most difficult topics facing Targets of fbi covert intelligence operations which may be summarized as follows:


The fbi builds a parade of horribles against the political Target, so that Congress and the courts upon reading the contrived file refuse to entertain pleas for help.


A soldier's work is never done; he just changes duties


Manufacture of criminals and mass murderers



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