devilish fbi

Verbal bullying assaults online

 The verbal assault #2 below also mocks the sleep deprivation forced on me by DEW/ELF by using a diabolic clown shown here (what kind of mind--I ask--plays such sadistic psychological  games on a victim of fbi torture ?).


"SLEEP - go to sleep...go to sleep demotivational poster"

demotivational poster SLEEP



Government & civilian stalkers are monstrous


This message is universal

 by geral

Fbi is Nazi's Mengele. 

This message is universal

Fbi is a global threat


Gaslighting is the devil's pitchfork


The universality of struggle against evil



See the shocking reality of our very own human monsters, the fbi (*The federal betrayal institute).

Federal bureau of betrayal, aka, fbi

 fbi as human monsters

Random Reflections

 fbi_psychological_operations /assaults

Fbi are psychopathic predators

The fbi are predatory psychopaths who covet their victims and seek to decimate them. The following material applies directly to the fbi as I have come to know them; note that all who support or aid fbi are by association dangerous predators ( see my reports on USPI KNIPFING, TEXAS DPS RODRIGUEZ,,  UT COPS WILSON & BLEIER,  Detective Posada, Dr. Holder, ):


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