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Greek Anti-Austerity Party Vows to Halt Austerity

The Syriza party won 149 seats in Greece's Parliament and formed a coalition government with the conservative Independent Greeks who won 13 seats. Syriza campaigned on promises to cease austerity measures and renegotiate some of Greece's debt.

"A third of all Greeks live below the poverty line and this was the reality they brought to the voting booths," said Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the religious financial reform group, Jubilee USA Network.

Michigan’s Proposal 2: Labor’s Big Test

 For some time now, Labor has been punched into a corner when it comes to state legislation. Over the last two years legislation has been passed in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan that has attempted to gut largely public workers of their union rights.

MindfulVotes - Send Mindful Leaders of Color to the RNC / DNC


We're going into the belly of the political beast to help people reconnect to their fundamental sanity in an election year that has felt insane.

MindfulVotes is a dynamic campaign to galvanize ALL people that aspire to bring mindfulness into every aspect of their lives - and the resulting values of love, compassion and inclusivity - to the fore of American politics. No matter where we stand on the political spectrum, HOW we vote and engage matters.


To kickoff the campaign, Transformative Change,* with the support of all who value mindfulness, in just two weeks, is sending a team of four leaders of color to the Democratic and Republican Party National Conventions to teach meditation, yoga, tai chi and other mindfulness practices there and sign people up to pledge to vote mindfully on Election Day.

They will be teaching at an "Oasis" - a space at the conventions sponsored by Arianna Huffington and Huffington Post.

*Transformative Change and YogaVotes, are anchoring the MindfulVotes campaign.

Why Does This Matter?

It's time to liberate our politics from negativity and closed-heartedness. And, by bringing an anchor team of people of color, we will change the way mindfulness practices and embodiment are represented in this important and highly visible venue.

Meet the MindfulVotes Crew

Rev. angel Kyodo, Muki, chandra, Zochi
This committed team are trained in leading meditation, yoga and tai chi. This same team anchored the Transformative Social Change Track at the 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit. 

Read their bios here.

It's a Business

 Modern times have seen us lose much of our innocence regarding notions of political figures being heroic and committed to serving the public and the good of the nation. To even say it almost sounds like the set up to a bad joke. There probably was a period in our history when the idea of becoming an elected official meant being humbled by the opportunity to serve the nation. There probably was a time when many in Washington woke up feeling overwhelmed with the idea they had another day serving their great nation. Of that I have no doubt. But those days have been supplanted by moneyed corporations and the lobbyists that represent them in Washington corrupting the process in favor of the wealthy.

No Longer Representative

America had a political system that worked well for us once.  We were a place where, for the most part, our elected representatives found ways to work together save a few moments in history.  Unfortunately, we've come to realize over time our political system has become a system monopolized by two parties and their interests, leaving us with no say if we want something else or different.  For a time we were able to tolerate it as they usually still found ways to legislate and come together on important issues.  Finding common ground was not World War III in and of itself.

Many Obama supporters jumping ship to Swenson in 2012. Swenson has shot at White house in 2012

 "OBAMA IS NO FDR or RONNY but a clown acting like a crack head on the loose with a stolen credit card." (ART Swenson)

Former Philippine President Arroyo charged with electoral fraud

 MANILA: The former Philippine president Gloria Arroyo has been charged with electoral fraud in a move that could pave the way for her arrest, after the government rushed the case to a regional court to keep her from leaving the country.

Dressing Up Underage Boys To Look Like Girls For Old Perverts To Help Us Advance War Interests


But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

The desire for change is not easily swept aside.  Cheap sparkly stuff cannot permanently assuage a deep down hunger for a freer life and a more liberated path.  When a nation selects a new way forward those that opted for change are not easily dissuaded if at all.  The idea to sell empty shells coated with a glittery sprayed on finish instead of true substance is always a temporary fix doomed to backfire eventually.

Crossing the Threshold

Republicans are working hard for a new election landslide and they will have earned it if they receive it.  Democrats are campaigning in a lack luster fashion this election season and certainly are not as visible.  Republicans have put their brightest stars up front, with polished and widely adhered to talking points.  They’ve also managed to leash some of their more radical voices by telling them to avoid media outlets considered unbiased or not biased in their favor.  Democrats have put the one person out there with the highest profile and reputation right now for low approval ratings, who many of their base feel has let them down.


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