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free media

USA CONTROLLED MEDIA , can you hear me yet!


RADI.MS The media you were waiting for will soon be born. A new world from integral revolution

 A new media is in the making. Springing from a spirit of rebellion, from everywhere, anywhere and nowhere. A quality media, because being an activist does not mean giving up being a journalist. An independent media, because being a journalist does not mean giving up being a revolutionary. A creative and surprising media, because being reliable does not mean being boring.

WikiLeaks, Backlash, and the Future of Open-Source Journalism

WikiLeaks' recent posting of more than 90,000 documents detailing the war in Afghanistan was perhaps the most important such disclosure since the Pentagon Papers. The Afghan War Logs, combined with leaked footage of U.S. personnel killing civilians and reporters in Iraq, has made WikiLeaks an important source for unfiltered information on the U.S.'s ongoing wars. Backlash to the leaks has been swift, with top administration officials implying that WikiLeaks founders have "blood on their hands." [video of Austin Indymedia event below]


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