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Houston's rally for justice for Trayvon + a spontaneous anti anti gay protest -- Sneak Peek of tonight's Houston IndyMedia News

Audio from rallies for Trayvon Martin in Houston.


On tonight's show, we will be hearing about Houstonians protesting the injustice of George Zimmerman's acquittal for the murder of African American teenager Trayvon Martin. We will also hear from Dr. David Michael Smith, a RADICAL PROFESSOR at University of the Mainland, who is struggling to keep his tenure. But first, let's here from Nick Cooper who attended an anti anti gay protest yesterday...

Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition. Help Get the Word Out About This Event With Free Admission!



CONTACT: Love Unlimited Team                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Please Circulate



EMAIL: Contact page of www.LoveAndDiversity.org



The Fourth Annual International Love Unlimited Film & Art Exhibition 

Offers An Alternative To The Usual Film Festival Fare



The Fourth Annual International Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Offers An Alternative To The Usual Film Festival Fare

Many of today’s film festivals have become crowded, impersonal events that follow the same formulaic routines. If celebrities, directors, or casts from movies are present, interactions are very limited, sometimes staged, and offer little or no opportunity for networking or close contact. Worse, many festivals have become crowded with industry insiders, who muscle out more innovative work to present predictable, commercial fare. This can transform film festivals from potentially one of the most exciting events there is into a dreary, tiring affair.

This makes the Love Unlimited Film & Art Exhibition unique. Through relaxed and friendly chat-backs and Q&A sessions with cast, crew, writers, producers, directors, and more, Love Unlimited offers not only close interactions but also possibilities for networking with actual working professionals in the film and art industries. One such guest this year is Elise Plakke, one of only four women directors worldwide chosen to present at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Love Unlimited Film & Art Exhibition doesn’t offer the same predictable program of events found at other festivals, but makes room for groundbreaking, original, and inspiring work by voices often unable to be heard elsewhere. This year hip-hop performer/assistant director JenRO will feature a live musical performance to accompany her music video “Closet”.

Along with an international array of feature films, shorts, documentaries, music videos, and other genres, festival-goers in particular also have the opportunity to hear working directors and writers present script-readings and to participate in Q&A sessions afterward. This is a chance to participate directly with film-makers in their process and to spread the love to everyone at the festival.

Festival-goers also participate in voting for the People’s Choice Award as best of fest. Love Unlimited is unique in having at press the most award categories of almost any film festival in the world, including awards for scripts in progress and various people's choice awards. To visit the official website, check out www.LoveAndDiversity.org as well as www.LoveUnlimitedAwardWinners.org for highlights and announcements for the film, art and script award winners of the most recent festival.   

 The Fourth Annual Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition starts in February 2012 and runs through April 2012.  If you are interested in submitting film, scripts, stageplays, teleplays or art for the Fifth Annual Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition, please visit our website's submissions as we currently offer discounted early submissions rates for next year's event.  We welcome submissions via mail in entries, online entries or withoutabox.


Help Get the Word Out About This Event With Free Admission!


Help us to spread love for all people!



  -End of Press Release - 



2012 Fourth Annual International


TEXAS, Austin, 
February 2012


February 25th, 2012

Date: Feb 25-26, 2012
Time: Starts at 4:30pm Everyday
Location: The Amazing, Historic and Awesome La Peña!
227 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701
Price: Free of Charge

Highlights:  Film screenings, Q+A sessions, Music Videos, Fourth Annual International Poster Arts Exhibition and much more!
The Film festival starts at 4:00pm.


4:30pm ~ Red Carpet Introductions.   
4:45pm ~ “Closet” (United States) by Hip-Hop Artist/Assistant Director JenRO. This music video is dedicated to raising awareness of all LGBT youth who have contemplated suicide in the past years. Special live Hip-Hop performance and Q&A by JenRO follows.

Hip-Hop Artist and Leading Actress of the Award Winning 'Closet' Music Video

JenRO takes it back to her adolescence & resolves her coming out with her accepting mother. A day at school for mini JenRO is not a typical day for the average girl at school. 

The music video is dedicated for awareness to all LGBT youth who have contemplated suicide in the past years


After the music video: Live Performance of "Closet"!  Also, After the live performance, meet the Artist and Assistant Director!  Q+A with Hip-Hop Artist JenRo. 

5:20pm ~ “My Hometown” (Canada).  Completed in 2011, Weaving a storyline that encompasses children and places from all over the world, this animated film of original illustrations, plays out Yoko Ono's instructional positivism, using a backdrop of her voice and her original recording 'Remember Love' written and sung by her, accompanied on guitar by John Lennon.

5:30pm [Film] - And this is how some of Us think about the future...” [Cyprus, United Kingdom]
Afterwards, meet the Director! Q+A w/ Myria Christophini

A short documentary based on real people beliefs about the future of a united Cyprus if the ongoing negotiations are successful. Every opinion in the short is being expressed by a character that is developed from the original drawings of the people that have expressed these opinions. The animated short is part of the Director's research on how animation can act as a tool for peace at the Glasgow School of Art.

5 45pm “14 Minutes.” Afterwards, Meet the Director! Q+A w/ Elise Plakke

Film: 14 Minutes - [State Premiere]

Director's Statement: From Elise Plakke

My films are about the complicated nature of human relationships in postmodern times. I seek to examine the self and society in an attempt to rethink standard assumptions. 14 Minutes reveals that happiness is personal and often not related to popular notions of happiness. The main character in 14 Minutes, Chloe, is engaged to get married to a successful man and based on stereotypical narratives, should be thrilled. Yet Chloe realizes that in losing her voice and spontaneity in the relationship, she has lost a piece of herself, putting her happiness second to the stability of the relationship.

Women and men often stay in relationships in a comfort zone because it is easier to go along with a semi-fulfilling relationship than break it off to find the ultimate relationship. The film illustrates that learning to see the world through a different lens offers introspection and a chance to redefine ourselves.

After the film: Meet the Director!  Q+A with Elise Plakke, the Screenwriter & Director of 14 Minutes.  In addition, 14 Minutes is a Short that is part of her ongoing feature length film.  Elise is the screenwriter for the full feature, and will read an excerpt of a scene not in the short film after the Love Unlimited Screenplay Exhibition on February 26th, 2012.  

5:45pm ~ “14 Minutes.” (United States)  A Q&A with director Elise Plakke follows.

Elise Plakke is one of 4 women directors worldwide chosen to screen her film at Cannes Film Festival.  See Interview here.

6:30pm ~ “OH Luv” (United States) by Magda Sztompka. Q&A with the director follows.

7:00pm ~  Special Gift Economy Film Presentation followed by a Surprise Guest Presentation.  

7:30pm ~ The Fourth Annual International Award Winning Directors Panel with JenRO, Myria Christophini, Magda Sztompka and Elise Plakke

Votes for the 2012 Annual International People's Choice Awards for Films.

Votes for the 2012 Annual International People's Choice Awards for Poster Arts.

February 26th, 2012

4:30PM ~ Red Carpet Introductions.  The Fourth Annual International Award Winning Screenwriters Panel featuring Suzanne Kelman, Rosie Woods, Blue Spruell, Shanisha Mitchell, Angel Bailey, Rubaiyat Hossain, Dana Cowden and more!

5:30pm ~ The Fourth Annual International Script, Teleplay and Stageplay Reading Exhibition!

A few of our Award Winning Script Writers who will
read an excerpt of their scripts Include:

Suzanne Kelman and Rose Woods reading, "Held"

Description of Held:

"In Nazi occupied Holland, to save the life of a hidden Jewish student stricken with a life threatening illness, a reclusive professor deliberately contracts the deadly disease to get the cure. "

Blue Spruell reading, "Winged Victory"
Dana Cowden reading, "Not As Advertised"
Angel Bailey reading, "Marry or Go to Jail"
Shanisha Mitchell reading, "Love Moore"
Rubaiyat Hossain reading, "Diary of a Housewife"
and more!

7:00pm ~ An after-exhibition reading of a scene not included in “14 Minutes” by Elise Plakke.  This is a scene that will appear in her upcoming feature length version of the film "14 Minutes."

7:45pm ~ The Fourth Annual International Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Awards Ceremony

Votes for the 2012 Annual International People's Choice Awards for Scripts, Teleplays and Stageplays.

Votes for the 2012 Annual International People's Choice Awards for Poster Arts.



Click on the below image for a larger PDF printable version of the schedule.

Remember: Click on the above image for a larger PDF printable version of the schedule. 




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