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police state

Educate the people against violence

Educate the people against violence


Much of the violence in the world today and for the past century is directly attributable to the fbi, cia, dod, doj, police, and their friends in congress and the courts. The fbi and police seem to take pride in the killing of people on the streets in the United States of America (USA).

John Bush on Alternatives to the Police State

As part of the Peaceful Streets Project's 2nd Annual Police Accountability Summit on September 17, 2013, John Bush discusses alternatives to the police state.

police state usa and at war


Pro-Romney Right Wing Judge Rules for Sheriff Arpaio




Arpaio-style Law in Future for U.S. With Romney appointments.


William Singletary, 65, Courageous Witness of Mumia's Innocence


I Dream of Freedom (From U.S.A. Police State) - Music Video


Scott X and the Constitution Commandos Release the 7th rock music video off their 2011 Album "Fighting the U.S. Police State With Music"

Interview with scott crow or: How I Learned To Not Care About Winning Over Cops To Join Occupy Wall Street



9/11: Who Really Benefited?


U.S. Police State Target


Troy Davis Execution Date Expected Anytime --An interview with Laura Moye of Amnesty International



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