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Austin Indymedia 2011 Year in Review


Austin activism in 2011 saw an upsurge in activity throughout the year with the mantra of change in the air. With the revolutions in the Arab world acting as a spark, people lit the fire that was once at the heart of social change in America. Activists for human rights involved in a whole rage of issues joined forces to fight the system of injustice seen all across the United States and the world.


Anti-SB9 Rally in Austin Texas Hosted by R.I.T.A (Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance)


Video Production by Jeff Zavala.
A ZGraphix/Austin Indymedia production.

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Vigil on Cinco de Mayo for Human Rights

A vigil was held at the Texas Capitol

as the Texas Legislature Prepares to Vote on Anti-Immigrant HB 12



As the Texas House of Representatives prepares to debate Arizona copycat law HB 12, people around the state and the U.S. are standing up in opposition.

A diverse coalition gathered for a vigil on Cinco de Mayo, 2011 at the Texas State capitol to let their voices of opposition be heard.

Vigils have popped up in cities around Texas where people will gather to commemorate both Cinco de Mayo and the National Day of Prayer.  RITA members are leading these vigils in the spirit of honoring the on-going struggle for civil rights in the U.S. They are standing up with one voice to say that Arizona-style legislation has no place in Texas because Texas can do better.

Day of Action For Immigration: Texas Can Do Better



Protesting more than 60 "anti-immigrant" bills filed in the Texas Legislature this session, thousands marched from Waterloo Park to the steps of the state Capitol Tuesday.

"We expect two or three thousand people from all over Texas," said Victor Ibarra prior to the event.

Ibarra was among a group from Houston, just one of many cities with protestors bused in from across the state. A separate group also marched from The University of Texas . The marches culminated in a rally outside the Capitol at 1 p.m.

During this session, the marchers said a handful of "extemist" legislators have filed needlessly discriminating legislation aimed at the Hispanic population.

"Texas has a lot of variety of nationalities," said Ibarra. "Those proposed laws don't go with those situations."Critics say many of those bills hurt, even target Hispanics, legal or otherwise. Lawmakers like Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, have maintained their stance though.

"We have probably the laxest immigration law in the world, because we're not following our federal laws," said Berman, who also said he has filed ten anti-immigration bills, including one to make English the official language of Texas. "We're giving them free education, free health care, we're giving them in-state tuition."From Arizona-style immigration enforcement to forcing schools to report undocumented students, people at the rally fear the future, saying Texas is just making it too tough to live here.

"We want to follow the law - U.S. law," said Ibarra.

Produced by Jeffry Zavala.
This is a zgraphix production.



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