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workers defense project

Women Building a Better Texas

An insiders view on the problems with the construction industry regarding women and workers in general.

Produced/Edited by Jeffry Zavala. 

Videography by Jeffry Zavala

Austin Indymedia Production.  


Post by Grace Alfar

Historic Victory for Worker Wages and Safety

Austin, TX - On October 24, 2013 ver four hundred workers and their supporters flooded Austin City Hall and testified to City Council members about the need for protections for workers on some of the city's largest construction projects.

Unpaid Workers Protest the Calloway High Rise on West Campus!


(Austin, TX) On Friday April 19th, over a hundred students and workers gathered to protest unfair working conditions at the University of Texas and West Campus.

Thirty construction workers walked off the job after going unpaid building student housing in West Campus and in San Antonio. These low-wage workers had over $33,000 stolen from their wages.

Workers Defense Project's Day of the Fallen March & Rally 2013

On February 27th, 2013, Workers Defense Project held their bi-annual Day of the Fallen day of action march and rally, to call for good, safe jobs for Texas construction workers. Over 600 construction workers, advocates and community supporters from across Texas converged on the State Capitol in Austin for the march. Construction workers in Texas work in deadly conditions for low pay and few benefits. The slogan of the day was "WE BUILD TEXAS and we deserve better!"

Workers Defense Project Celebrates 10 Years of Fighting for Justice!

Members and community supporters of The Workers Defense Project reflect on 10 years of creating a more dignified Austin for working people, and honor the women who let us along the way. Video produced by Jeff Zavala. A ZGraphix production. http://zgraphix.org

Undocubus Visits Austin: Undocumented and Unafraid

The Undocubus visited Austin on August 3rd as part of their cross-country tour exposing the unjust immigration policies of the United States. The undocumented immigrants of the bus left Phoeniz where they have been part of the campaign to remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio from power.

Allies and supporters in Austin held a rally in solidarity with the Undocubus at our Sheriff Greg Hamilton's office. Sheriff Hamilton, like Sheriff Arpaio, uses the "Secure Communities" program in his jail which collaborates with ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) to send suspected undocumented immigrants to immigration prison and deportation. The demonstrators called on Sheriff Hamilton to end "Secure Communities" in Travis County.

The following day, members of the Undocubus held a teach-in with Texans United For Families and the Hutto Visitation Program on Breaking the Isolation of Immigrant Detention.

For more information:
Texans United for Families on Facebook

Workers Defense Project Win Part 2 - Cristina Tzintzun & Jim Rigby Demand Justice for Workers

On May 24, 2012 over 150 workers and allies marched into City Hall to demand decent working conditions, fair wages, and career paths for Austin's downtown construction workers. Environmentalists, students, labor, congregations, and industry leaders came to support the march. Cristina Tzintzun and Jim Rigby speak at the city council meeting in favor of workers rights.

Workers Defense Project Wins Fight Against Large Developer - Part 1

On May 24, 2012 over 150 workers and allies marched into City Hall to demand decent working conditions, fair wages, and career paths for Austin's downtown construction workers. Environmentalists, students, labor, congregations, and industry leaders came to support the march.

Read More Here.

Austin Indymedia 2011 Year in Review


Austin activism in 2011 saw an upsurge in activity throughout the year with the mantra of change in the air. With the revolutions in the Arab world acting as a spark, people lit the fire that was once at the heart of social change in America. Activists for human rights involved in a whole rage of issues joined forces to fight the system of injustice seen all across the United States and the world.


Workers Defense Project Protests E-Verify!


Watch Video Here.

On Wednesday , September 14th Workers Defense Project and allies gathered outside U.S. Representative Lamar Smith's office in Austin, TX to protest his proposed E-Verify Law/Legal Workforce Acy bill.  The E-Verify Law/Legal Workforce Act would require all employers to verify the documentation status of potential employees electronically as a pre-requisite for work. This would be devastating to immigrant communities around the US and would wind up pushing those who already make low wages further into poverty and into the underground economy, working for employers who care even less about labor and human rights than they already do. Congressman Lamar Smith, who has an office in Austin, is one of the supporters of E-Verify. It is important for us to show Lamar Smith that the residents of Austin are opposed to this unjust and discriminatory law. Join us outside of Lamar Smith's office here in Austin to demand justice for immigrants!

Protest organized by Workers Defense Project. http://workersdefense.org

If you would like to learn more about E-Verify please visit: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142405311190448090457649620001169992...

Photography by Jason Cato. Video produced for Austin Indymedia by Jeff Zavala.

A ZGraphix production. http://zgraphix.org


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