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workers rights

Resolving America's Largest Problems in 5 minutes with Bernie Sanders!

Vermont's Independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks along with local community leaders in a Town Hall Meeting in Austin, Texas, on March 31st at 7p.m.. The Town Hall Meeting discussion items includes: How to . . . 1) Overturn Citizens United and Get Big Money Out of Politics; 2) Deal with Obscene Wealth and Income Inequality. 3) Combat Climate Change. 4) Create Democracy NOT Oligarchy. Learn more at: http://BernieSanders.com Videography/Editing by Jeff Zavala and Grace Alfar A Austin Indymedia Production http://austin.indymedia.org

Corporate Culture is a Dog and Pony Show


Injured Workers Sew Lips Shut in Hunger Strike to the Death

Injured workers from the General Motors Colmotores assembly plant in Bogota, Colombia, after a year occupying the sidewalk in front of the U.S. Embassy, sew their lips shut in hunger strike they are determined to carry out until General Motors Colmotores resolves their situation. They are prepared to give their lives so that workers do not continue to be exploited by multinational corporations in Colombia.

Fair Food Austin Stands With Farmworkers-Chipotle Day of Action for Coaliton of Immokalee Workers

 Members of Fair Food Austin and allies rallied outside the Mueller Chipotle restautant yesterday as part of the National Chipotle Day of Action.  Photos by Jason Cato.

Click here for more photos.

Chipotle National Day of Action: July 25th, 2012! 

Food With Integrity? Tell Chipotle to respect farmworkers' rights by holding an event at your local Chipotle Mexican Grill location

This July 25th, conscientious consumers from New York, D.C., Austin, Philly, and citiesacross the country are calling on Chipotle to respect the rights of farmworkers who pick the tomatoes that go into Chipotle burritos by asking Chipotle to commit to a Fair Food Agreement. 

Join us for the National Chipotle Day of Action by participating in one of the actions already taking place or organizing an event of your own. Thus far, Chipotle has refused to come to the table with farmworkers to sign a Fair Food Agreement, which would secure a wage increase and basic labor protections for workers in the fields of Florida. Take up the call to demand that Chipotle live up to its ethical image and help put an end to farmworker exploitation by making a long-term, transparent commitment to human rights. 

It's time for Chipotle to join ten other major corporations already doing the right thing. Chipotle has built its more than 1200 stores and $2.27 billion revenue on an image of serving “Food with Integrity.” Yet, their refusal to join the Fair Food Program threatens to undermine the historic progress being made toward ensuring farmworkers’ human rights. 

Texans United For Families presente: 1 de mayo en San Antonio


Fotos de Austin Indymedia


Más de 200 personas marcharon por el centro de la ciudad de San Antonio en 1 de mayo. La marcha, organizada por el Southwest Workers Union de San Antonio, comenzó y terminó en la Main Plaza. Miembros de los Tejanos Unidas Para Las Lamilias de Austin (TUFF, Texans United For Families) marcharon a mostrar su solidaridad y conectarse con otros en su campaña para poner fin a la deportación y la detención de los inmigrantes.

Pulse aquí para audio completo.

Austin Rallies in Solidarity with Wisconsin


MoveOn joined with the following individuals/groups (Van Jones, USAction/ TrueMajority, Color of Change, PCCC, CREDO, Democracy for America, National People's Action, Center for Community Change, Courage Campaign, and Progressive Majority) across the country to show our solidarity with the workers in Wisconsin. Republican Governor Walker is attempting to break the unions there, and other states with Republican governors will... be attempting the same strong-arm tactics if we don't stand up now.

The country needs to stand behind these heroic individuals demonstrating in Madison.  Republicans have no use for unions, especially ones that have the best interests of children and aged at heart.

This is a zgraphix production.
Produced for Austin Indymedia by Jeff Zavala.


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