Black Mesa Indigenous Support No Thanks Giving Benefit and Film Screening at Monkeywrench Books

*Dinner will be served so show up early/on time to get a good seat!**

at Monkeywrench Books 110 E. North Loop, 407-6925

A Benefit for Black Mesa Indigenous Support's 5th Annual

NO THANKSGIVING Caravan! An Austin group comprised of BMIS collective members and other indigenous resistance supporters will travel to the Navajo reservation in Arizona 0n November 19-26th, 2012.

We will be chopping and hauling firewood, doing minor repair work, offering holistic health care, and sheep-herding before the approaching freezing winter months. By assisting with direct on-land projects participants are supporting families on their ancestral homelands in resistance to an illegal occupation and destruction of sacred sites by Peabody Energy.

Peabody’s Black Mesa mine has been the source of an estimated 325 million tons of greenhouse gases that have been discharged into the atmosphere. In the 30+ years of disastrous operations, Dineh and Hopi communities in Arizona have been ravaged by Peabody’s coal mining. As a result of the massive mining operation, thousands of families have had their land taken away and been forcibly relocated.

Peabody has drained 2.5 million gallons of water daily from the only community water supply and has left a monstrous toxic legacy along an abandoned 273-mile coal slurry pipeline. Furthermore, Peabody has desecrated & completely dug up burials, sacred areas, and shrines designated specifically for offerings, preventing religious practices. The continued mining by Peabody has devastating environmental and cultural impacts on local communities and significantly exacerbates global climate chaos.

We will be screening the award-winning documentary "Broken Rainbow" which gives the background of the struggle and resistance on Black Mesa.

We welcome our guest speaker Dr. Mario Garza who is an elder of the Meakan/Garzas Band of the Coahuiltecan people indigenous to the Texas and northeastern Mexico area. He has a multi-disciplinary Ph.D. from Michigan State University and he currently researches and presents educational lectures about Native Americans. Dr. Garza has decades of involvement in the Native American community, including repatriation of remains, successful development of indigenous nonprofits, re-establishment of ceremonial sites, Native arts and events, and political issues.

Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS) is a grassroots, all-volunteer collective committed to supporting the Indigenous peoples of Black Mesa in their resistance to massive coal mining operations and to the forced relocation policies of the US government. We see ourselves as a part of a people powered uprising for a healthy planet liberated from fossil fuel extraction, exploitative economies, racism, and oppression for our generation and generations to come. BMIS stands with the Dineh elders and families of Black Mesa in their declaration that “Coal is the Liver of the Sacred Female Mountain.” and joins them in action to ensure that coal remains in the ground.

Drawing on the inspiration of the elders & families of Black Mesa, they offer us a transformative model for the visionary change that is needed to re-harmonize our relationships with one another and with the planet. But too often Black Mesa becomes invisibilized as other human rights, environmental justice and climate justice struggles are showcased and highlighted in both the mainstream & progressive media.The truth is that all of these struggles are interconnected and central to our collective survival is the need to increase the visibility of struggles such as Black Mesa, a decades-long indigenous-led resistance to the fossil fuel industry, in related movements for human rights, environmental, climate & social justice.

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We are asking for $8-$15 sliding scale donations.





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