Rebel Moms: The Off-Road-Map for the Off-Road Mom at Resistencia Books

Red Salmon Arts

presents a reading & book signing 


 Davina Rhine

author of

Rebel Moms:  The Off-Road-Map for the Off-Road Mom


Join Davina Rhine for a conversation on Rebel Moms and the art of the mama rebellion. 

Resistencia Bookstore:
a liberated space for independent thinking, community building, and creative & revolutionary vision
casa de Red Salmon Arts
1801-A South First St., Austin, Tejaztlan:  512-416-8885


 Rebel Moms:  The Off-Road-Map for the Off-Road Mom was published in 2011 and has gotten great reviews from BUST Magazine, Hip Mama Zine and The Radical Housewife.  It’s a book for the activist mom, feminist mom, the working class mom, the hip-hop mom, the punk mom, the artist mom, the welfare mom, the tattooed mom, the rocker mom, the student mom, the writer mom, the poet mom, the hippie mom, the roller derby mom, the boxer mom, the fast food worker mom, the waitress mom, the factory worker mom, the pin-up mom, the mom who wants get off the mainstream myth bandwagon of what momma has to be and for every woman who is sick of trying to live up to Super Mom!


Rebel Moms is the first book in history to portray fifty-two momma mentors who share it all for the new mom, while facilitating a rich, vibrant, honest and diverse dialogue on: real motherhood, maintaining your identity while giving the best you’ve got, alternative parenting, and parenting through hardship, dreams, let downs and successes. It’s the first book to capture the momma-lives of heavily marginalized moms and moms who fight back against exploitation, rape culture, big business and bad government, and violence against women. Rebel Moms features Ariel Gore of Hip Mama, Dr. Taj Anwar founder of Mothers of Black/Brown Babies (, Sharon Needles of Betty Blowtorch & Butt Trumpett, Janis Martin The Female Elvis, and so many more!


Davina Rhine is a socially aware political activist and poet. Her influences are: Madonna, Alice Walker, Sinead O’Connor, Angela Y. Davis, the women of the Beat Generation, and Riot Grrrl bands. She has written work for Altar Magazine of NYC, The Women’s Press, Women’s United Nations Report Network, the Feminist Review, Mamaphonic, and was featured in the book If Women Ruled the World. As a biographer and a rock ‘n’ roll historian, she is currently researching and writing The Authorized Biography of Janis Martin: The Female Elvis.  And like many women, she is many things.




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