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The following document was drafted and consented upon by members of the Editorial Collective. Check it out to learn about the various ways you can get involved with Austin Indymedia!

Volunteer Categories, Roles and Guidelines for Inclusion:

Contributing Non-Members:

Don't have a person login name, but can post articles, events, and
comments (unable to edit them later).

Contributing Members (all OCM are, but not all Contributors are OCM):

Have a personal login name and password with the ability to edit articles,
events, and comments they've made. Requires nothing besides an easy sign
up and some level of participation.

Open Collective Members (OCM):

Anyone who wants to get involved in Austin Indymedia is encouraged to
start here*. This categorization exists for those interested in going
beyond the limitations put in place for Contributors. It exists for those
who are new to Indymedia and would like to get more involved, those who
desire the skills it could provide, those who have experience but don't
have time to join the Editorial Collective, or those who desire more say
in the decision making process.

It's recommended that folks who want to join first read through all
foundational Austin Indymedia documents and agree in principle and or
offer up alternatives. As such they should be willing to interact
accordingly with the hopeful ambition to grow and contribute to the
organization per their understanding and availability.

They can individually make or assist in the creation of content with any
other member (OCM or ECM) and publish accordingly, but must have said
content approved by the Editorial Collective (to ensure it's in keeping
with our policies and standards) before it can be published onto the
featured section or beyond.

OCM also have the ability to contribute to the collective process, Austin
Indymedia's direction, and overall substance, mainly through regular open
meetings and participation. These meetings exist for reasons stated as
well as for the facilitation of dialogue, transparency and redress between
the two collectives. Some decisions are left to the Editorial Collective
given their individual time, commitment and track record, BUT all should
feel empowered and encouraged to become part of the Editorial Collective.

Anyone hoping for inclusion must be consented into the collective by all
members with at least one ECM vouching for said person. This only happens
after their completion of:

1) A proven understanding of both the collective's process and underlying

2) An adequate track record relating to personal follow through,
accountability and interest regardless of current skills afforded (with
such things usually being hashed out through their involvement in the OCM

3) The presentation of a simple yet specific proposal for inclusion to the
ECM (ambitions, time available, skills to contribute, etc.)

Anyone hoping for inclusion into the ECM can request a discussion with its
members about their eligibility, issues relating to transparency, and/or
interest in making that process easier, etc.

*New OCM'S could/should be assigned a volunteer coordinator/point person
in the Editorial Collective to assist them find an appropriate fit per
their experience and interests or lack thereof and also monitor their
progress to deter burnout, disinterest or errors.

Editorial Collective Members (ECM):

ECM can (and are encouraged to) take on a myriad of roles and tasks. They
have a higher level of access to the site's content and management than
those described above. They can have a greater say in contributing to
issues relating to editing and content creation, internet protocol,
technological research and development, policy guidelines, trajectory,
event planning, outreach and any other organizational tasks (meeting
times, locations, agendas, list serve maintenance, etc...) or roles
(volunteer coordinator, website keeper upper, etc...) per the Editorial
Collective consensus decision making model. Suggestions and concerns from
Contributors and OCM are taken seriously, though, and are addressed
through the consensus decision making model.

ECM are able to create and post content anywhere on the main site (or any
other adjoining site(s) consented to) and offer up stories to Indymedia
Global for approval. They have the added ability to edit, hide or delete
content (in accordance with our Editorial Policy) on the Austin Indymedia
page. They are also able to move stories to the featured section of the
front page. The guidelines, rules, and methods for doing so are agreed
upon by consensus* in the Editorial Collective.

*For example: Giving credit to authors of featured articles when
appropriate, No linking to mainstream news articles in featured stories,
The proper use of (un)identifiable information of our sources/subjects, A
stance against knee jerk government cooperation per journalistic endeavors
or news related information, The ability for users to post articles
anonymously or via a membership login at will without the need for
collective approval beforehand, and so on...

Administrators (in the Editorial Collective):

Have the ability to take on any web related task/decision weather it be
creation, editing, hiding or deletion of anything web based; up to
personal discretion unless it necessitates the Editorial Collective's


Are individuals or groups who contribute time, labor, space or financial
means on an irregular or singular basis.


Are individuals or groups who contribute time, labor, space or financial
means on a regular ongoing basis.





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