Summary of fbi, doj terrorists' assaults on me

Summary of the unending crimes against me by the fbi assassins follows.

Fbi, congress , doj, judges all participate in the torture and attempted murder of this reporter:

US Attorney:

weep for USA


Kafa Topu


The Bulger Movie As A Big Fraud

 See the real life truth of the fbi/doj murderous corruption that the Bulger movie tries to hide.

fbi & its corrupt use of the theory of 'future crime'


A reminder of the insanity of fbi

 See how fbi operative seeks to turn public opinion against a political Target. Weep not for me, but for this God forsaken nation. 

My high honor of associating with Barbara Hartwell

 No associate of mine in battle, in fbi, in academia compares to wondrous Barbara Hartwell

Usa oblivion

Much of the human suffering globally is traceable to intel operations of fbi/cia/mossad/MI6/Surtee and other western nations cooperating for financial gain and for political consolidation of power through wars, regional conflicts, mass murder/imprisonment, massive refugee migrations of desperate persons, torture, forced suicides, assassinations and enforced hopeless poverty. We must all bear some responsibility for high crimes committed in the name of the United States of America by fbi/cia. Otherwise, this nation is on a downward slide to blasphemous & hideous oblivion.

Fbi methods are unconscionable


Florida State Attorney, Unethical

 See the evidence of lack of ethics in Florida State Attorney office . Here is the introduction and the link below contains my full report.

Notice to all who read my reports

This notice is prompted by the violence directed at me by the fbi in their efforts to intimidate, threaten, or silence me.


descent into the abyss


Psychological operations, etc., by fbi

 See the links below for an understanding of the sickness of government agents in the USA.

fbi psychological operations are quite diabolic

 Psychological Operations by the fbi are designed to drive a Target crazy, to imprison or kill him. See my *reports and suspend disbelief because the world needs to awaken to reality:


I present with my friend Barbara Hartwell a summary of evidence on the evil & corruption of the US government as shown in atrocities committed in its name by the fbi/cia.


The overthrown government of the United States of America cannot hide its macabre & evil character:

fbi is group think


Yağ Aldırma Ameliyatı

Normal Veya normalin biraz üstünde kilosu Olan ancak Bölgesel yağ depolanmasının yarattığı görüntüden rahatsız kişilerde en iyi Sonucu Verir. Hormonsal Ettik genetik nedenlerle kadın ziyaretinde erkekte yağlar Farklı bölgelerde depolanırlar. Bu depoların volümünün artması konkuru bozarak istenmeyen görüntüler Yaratır.

United Nations Votes for Global Bankruptcy Principles


A United Nations committee adopted nine principles to create a global bankruptcy process for countries. Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz addressed the final session of "The UN Ad Hoc Committee on Sovereign Debt Restructuring" that the UN General Assembly established last fall. Countries currently cannot access bankruptcy protection when they face economic crisis. The World Bank notes that 49 countries face worrying levels of debt distress and the International Monetary Fund notes debt is the root cause of inequality. In recent months, governments across the Caribbean, Greece and Argentina expressed an immediate need for a global bankruptcy process.

"With so many countries facing debt crises, we urgently need solutions to protect investors and poor people," noted Eric LeCompte, who is participating in the UN meetings. LeCompte is the executive director of the religious development organization Jubilee USA Network. "The UN's work is a step in the right direction, but we still have a lot of work to do if we want a legally binding process."

What would you do?

                     what would you do if?


The following groups constitute in their respective houses of horror the most supreme threat to mankind ever and if they are not stopped, then all of the hopes, dreams and aspirations for the betterment of our species is lost: president, congress, court.

fbi operatives routinely try to label whistleblowers as crazy



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