A soldier's work is never done; he just changes duties


The real fbi


Our Sorry Hoodlums in fbi, Congress, SCOTUS

 I have studied the fbi for half a century and from my experiences as 1) a Special Agent and thereby material witnesses to fbi high crimes 2) a victim of fbi extreme retaliation and 3) an observer of the psychopathic conduct of fbi's own serial killers, torturers and provocateurs, I understand today that these horrible fbi hoodlums  (and their bosses like Hoover, Mueller, Comey) actually enjoy their commission of torture,  mayhem and murder against selected individuals. 

Congress & SCOTUS are forever shamed for their roles in fbi atrocities against persons and crimes against humanity.

Admissions By fbi Officials


Bebeklerin Dünyası Tarz Baby, Bebek giyim, bebek beşikleri


Destiny No Longer A Mystery

 Destiny No Longer A Mystery

Trauma and Stress Designed and Induced By fbi


Hope may lead to crippling despair


Our Society In A Trance


Lest we forget


DEW Effects On A Target


Meine Regierung richtig oder falsch


hacking FACEBOOK


This page was


Ubi Sunt

 Where are the birds that once sung for me?

From fbi/cia with love


Fbi cult of death


 Fbi is death incorporated 

Remember America


This and many other veterans of wars are held by fbi and others as political prisoners , subjected to torture 24/7/365 for life, watched by fbi, encouraged to seek final exit, experimented upon, maligned for service to USA, and treated by his own government as a stranger in a savage & distant war zone. Even Congress and courts actively assist fbi's own psychopaths in destroying and trying to kill the Target. Doctors join the traitorous government agents in fraudulent efforts to imprison the Target. 


Targeted Individuals Association

Fbi Exposed & Destroyed

 The filthy corruption of fbi is now fully documented in my reports which stretch nearly  half a century.   Even if their serial killers succeed against me, the fbi is 

h i s t o r y.


A Quick Journey Around the Types of Chocolates in the World

We all love that rich, quick melting divine taste of chocolates that are favourites among everyone be it a kid, adult, men, women or even the senior citizens. It is too hard for anyone to resist the temptation of a chocolate due to its exceptional aroma and taste. A Chocolate is a combination of foods that are derived from cocoa which is mixed with fat (cocoa butter) and powdered sugar to form a solid confectionary. This final product is available in various designs and appears in various forms due to its composition.


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