The Disgraceful United States Supreme Court

Mr. Trump :



 Parents are not encouraged to read this material to the children. 

The world awakens

Success is achieved when humans stop the killing machines.

submission to tyranny, NOT!

 Submission or surrender to tyranny are not options for men of conscience. 

Overthrown USA Government

 Our police state is evidenced in the following report and related links. 

The world studies my reports

 Some countries question participation in NATO. 


 Who actually gains freedom in this barbaric civilization! 

usa is unconscionable and unspeakable

Herein is my insight into the high crimes and sick minds of those who control the usa, the land of the enslaved and the home of the depraved.


The USA engages in unconscionable crimes associated with DEW & psychological- torturous  assaults which then mature into unspeakable and monstrous games including: forced  suicide on queue, watching in real time and in  apparent satisfaction or delight as the Target (I.e. victim) collapses, goes crazy, and slips into a trance which is brain entrainment and kills himself.

Puerto Rico Cuts Services as Budget Gap Grows


Fbi corrupts law and order, tripartite

----------------------------------------------HEIL. FBI-----------------------------------------

Fbi is public enemy # ONE


fbi has destroyed America


Donald Trump Criticizes Corporate "Inversions" During Presidential Debate

 Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized the practice of corporations moving their headquarters overseas in name only to avoid US taxes during the presidential debate in South Carolina. Trump called these corporate "inversions" "one of the biggest problems" facing the United States. Democratic presidential candidates have also criticized the practice.

fbi begins 2016 with a flurry of high crimes

The fbi begins the new year 2016 with a dramatic increase in attacks on me and on my wife.

After I documented fbi and police crimes against my person and property in Brownsville, Texas, the fbi began a new round of criminal assaults including painful attacks by Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW), felony stalking, vandalism, terrorist threats and psychological operations .

See the following link for my efforts to show some of the fbi/police crimes against me:

Argentina Negotiates Debt Dispute with "Holdout" Hedge Funds

Argentina's new government begins negotiations in New York with groups that sued the country for more than $1 billion after the country defaulted on its debt in 2001. President Mauricio Macri took office in December and announced his intention to reach a settlement. The investor groups are known as "holdouts" because they refused to participate in Argentina's debt restructuring deals that 92 percent of investors accepted.

usa: A nation ruled by hoodlums & sociopaths


Pozycjonowanie ropczyce

 W XXi wieku każdy kto prowadzi firmę chce zdobywać więcej klientów. Wykonanie strony www to pierwszy krok ale należy także zając się marketingiem czyli Pozycjonowanie stron ropczyce.

Let’s get One Million tweets for Oscar!


USA's killing machine invites widespread participation



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