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The following groups constitute in their respective houses of horror the most supreme threat to mankind ever and if they are not stopped, then all of the hopes, dreams and aspirations for the betterment of our species is lost: president, congress, court.

fbi operatives routinely try to label whistleblowers as crazy


Many dimensions to fbi crime spree


caution all vets and servicemen


Overthrown USA


fbi and company expand their criminal empire

Introduction: The fbi is a criminal syndicate, homicidal in its credo and always looking for and often gaining new ways to terrorize and imprison/murder our people:


Estetik Ameliyati

 Burun estetiği operasyonu Farklı tekniklerle gerçekleştirilebilir. Genel Olarak Kapalı VEYA açık operasyon yapılmaktadır. Kapalı burun estetiği operasyonunda burnun alt kısmında HERHANGİ Bir kesi Olmadan içerideki kanatlardan girilerek Yapılan Bir operasyondur. Eger Kişinin burnunun Ucunda problemi yok imkb Kişinin burnu Uygun'un imkb Kapalı operasyon gerçekleştirilir ettik. Açık teknik Kişinin burnunda uç problemi Olanlara Yapılır.

Pillars of the community are rotting

Pillars of the community are rotting.

Pope Francis Calls for Global Bankruptcy Process


Pope Francis called for an international bankruptcy process in a news conference as he left Latin Americaon Monday. According to the Associated Press, when asked about the Greek debt crisis, Francis stated, "if a company can declare bankruptcy, why can't a country do so and we go to the aid of others?" Francis offered further comments noting that too many countries are struggling with high debts and he suggested a United Nations bankruptcy proposal could be the solution.‎

“Pope Francis knows that heavy debt loads cause poverty and inequality,” said Eric LeCompte, who consulted the Vatican on its position. LeCompte is the head of the religious development organization Jubilee USA Network. “The Pope's statement is a logical extension of the Catholic Church's strong support of debt relief for struggling countries."

Last year, LeCompte led a delegation of global Jubilee organizations to advise Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin on the need for a bankruptcy process to address inequality. The Catholic Church is a founder of Jubilee USA and supports its efforts to win debt relief for struggling countries.

World Leaders Challenge Predatory Hedge Funds in UN Development Agreement

At a United Nations development summit, world leaders, the International Monetary Fund and development organizations recommend the elimination of a type of hedge fund that preys on countries in financial crisis. So called “vulture funds” are featured in a global agreement to be signed this week at the Financing for Development Conference.

“These predatory funds undermine development and can destabilize a country’s economy,” said Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the religious development organization Jubilee USA Network. “From Zambia to Peru, they target, litigate and collect aid monies that should be building schools and hospitals.”

When countries face economic hardship, "vulture funds" buy a country's debt cheaply and then sue for full repayment. After Zambia received international debt relief in 2006, a hedge fund called Donegal International sued Zambia to collect $55 million on a $15 million debt the fund purchased for $3.3 million on the secondary market. NML Capital sued Argentina over debt holdings and refused to participate in Argentina's debt restructuring. The Argentina case put a broader spotlight on this type of litigation.

Greece Reaches Financing Deal with Eurozone Religious Debt Relief Coalition Issues Statement

European negotiators agreed unanimously to a new financing deal with Greece. The deal includes up to $96 billion in new loans to Greece in exchange for economic reforms, including austerity measures. Greece can reschedule its debt under the deal but cannot receive debt relief. Greece's parliament and Eurozone parliaments must approve the deal. 

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Greek Voters Reject Financing Plan

Greek voters rejected a financing plan that would have provided funds for the debt-ridden country in exchange for austerity measures such as pension cuts. Sixty-one percent voted against the plan while 38.7% voted yes.

"Austerity programs over the last five years pushed a third of the Greek population under the poverty line," said Eric LeCompte, executive director of the religious development organization Jubilee USA. "The Greek people voted in large numbers for debt relief." 

Greece and its lenders will now need further negotiations to reach a financing agreement. European leaders meet this week to discuss next steps. Greece owes $300 billion in total debt. It missed a 1.5 billion euro payment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on June 30. Approximately 7 billion euros in payments are due in July. The IMF stated in a report this week that any new agreement between Greece and its lenders should include debt relief.



The company of outlaws is far more pleasant than being near cops/fbi

 Read my reports, reflect on your own experience with cops, thereby discovering that Outlaws Are Better Men. 

Puerto Rico Public Utility Reaches Debt Deal; Congress Could Provide Bankruptcy Protection


Puerto Rico's public utility company, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), reached a dealWednesday with investors to extend debt negotiations. PREPA will pay $416 million immediately and then will have untilSeptember 15 to reach a long-term deal. PREPA owes a total of $9 billion in debt. Puerto Rican Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla announced this week that the island cannot pay its $72 billion debt burden and asked to extend payment terms. 

"Without access to US bankruptcy law or emergency financing, Puerto Rico has few options," said Eric LeCompte, executive director of the religious development organization Jubilee USA Network. ‎It's good news that Puerto Rico won't default in the short term, but we need a long term solution."

Meanwhile, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) announced Tuesday he will introduce a bill to allow PREPA to access US Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. Puerto Rico's representative in the US House introduced a similar bill (HR 870) in February. Puerto Rico is currently unable to access bankruptcy protection because it is a territory and not a US state.

"Congress should immediately extend bankruptcy protection to Puerto Rico. The island should have the same protections as any US city or state," LeCompte stated. "Bankruptcy law protects both investors and debtors from crises just like this."

Read more about HR 870.

Read more about Puerto Rico's debt situation.

Jubilee USA Network is an alliance of more than 75 US organizations and 400 faith communities working with 50 Jubilee global partners. Jubilee's mission is to build an economy that serves, protects and promotes the participation of the most vulnerable. Jubilee USA has won critical global financial reforms and more than $130 billion in debt relief to benefit the world's poorest people.

The fbi instructs sitemeter to stop coverage of

I used the sitemeter images to document online crimes against me by the fbi and their supporters; now sitemeter prevents me from continuing that part of my work.


Covert Assaults For Hideous Agendas

The fbi uses various departments of government in unlawful assaults & ploys against whistleblowers.

Our Duty, Yours & Mine

Most of us go through life focused on our own plight and search for meaning; a few discover a new  dimension worthy of our best efforts.

Nepal Post Earthquake Aid Falls Short of Goals: No Debt Relief Pledged at Nepal Recovery Conference


This week's Nepal donor conference pledged $4.4 billion in aid to Nepal, short of the $6.6 billion Nepal requested for earthquake recovery. About half of the total financing is loans and half is grants. Nepal did not receive any pledges of debt relief while world leaders gathered in Kathmandu. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Thursday Nepal will not qualify for its new emergency debt relief trust fund.

"The initial aid pledges are helpful and we can close the $2 billion gap quickly with debt relief," said Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the religious development organization Jubilee USA Network. "One of the quickest ways that the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and governments can deliver rebuilding grants is by canceling debt."

Nepal spends $600,000 a day paying its debt, or more than $35 million since the first April earthquake.‎

The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank pledged a combined $1.1 billion in new concessional loans and grants. Nepal already owes the World Bank and Asian Development Bank approximately $3 billion.

Although the World Bank has not announced plans for a debt relief fund, the IMF created the Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust in the wake of the Ebola crisis and cancelled $100 million of West Africa's debt. IMF spokesperson Gerry Rice said ThursdayNepal met the first requirement for relief but that the earthquake did not cause enough total economic damage. Rice did not reference whether or not damage to Nepal's "productive capacity" pulled another trigger for the fund to release about $23 million in debt relief. 


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