The fbi and police engage in unstoppable crimes

See the data in this report that suggest the formation of a police state in USA and the actual results of such a state on the people of the world.


An humble opinion


Wicked fbi and their mischievous police friends

USA attacks the world and ... me!

Najlepszy chłopak na świecie to Jarek

Gdy chcemy otworzyć jak również zarejestrować własną firmę będziemy musieli na pewno posiadać właściwie zaprojektowaną reklamę w zamiarze silnej pozycji na rynku jak również w celu sprzedaży swoich usług ale też produktów. Reklamę możemy wykonać samemu jeśli mamy do tego predyspozycje jak również narzędzia. Tutaj musimy dysponować szeroko rozbudowaną informatyczną wiedzą bo proces tworzenia internetowej strony jest procesem żmudnym.

fbi's unethical dogma reveals its own criminality & corruption


The power of one



Dziś na rynku są dostępne przeróżne buty, możemy wybrać zarówno firmy polskie jak i zagraniczne. Jeśli, jeszcze nie mamy zimowych butów, opłaca się wybrać takie, jakie sprawdzą się pod względem dwóch czynników – będą wygodne i ciepłe. Na dodatek, bardzo ważne jest, aby stawiać na wysoką jakość wykonania. Takie oferuje buty mayoral, są dobre gatunkowo solidne.

More fbi Pranks On Line


Emma Well being & Magnificence Care

This part is designed for customers who need to discover out extra about healthy eating for girls. Not surprisingly, differences in socio-demographic conditions similar to earnings, population age and schooling play a major function in health loss, accounting for more than half of the differences throughout nations and over time for maternal and neonatal diseases. However in relation to well being loss attributable to illnesses equivalent to diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses, socio-demographic status isn't so relevant.

Victory For First Amendment Against fbi Thugs

The Freedom of Speech right under the United States Constitution, like many other fundamental rights, are often subverted by the fbi at will.

A week ago I posted online that the Texas Bar Journal improperly in my opinion blocked the publication of *my proposed advertisement for the November, 2015, issue of the Texas Bar Journal. My report may be seen here:

Global News Media Hide Vital Reports From Public

World News Groups Cover Up Story Of The Millenium


Control & manipulation of the people through fear

 The lives of the few in return for control of many:

A United Front Is Required Against Cruelty, Torture and Murder


Educate the people against violence

Educate the people against violence

Much of the violence in the world today and for the past century is directly attributable to the fbi, cia, dod, doj, police, and their friends in congress and the courts. The fbi and police seem to take pride in the killing of people on the streets in the United States of America (USA).

USA Leads Humanity to Destruction


fbi continues to send thugs to harass me in the library


USA Overthrown From Within


National Mobilization for Common Sense Gun Laws


Indictment of the legal profession

Indictment of the legal profession

For the entire time that the fbi has engaged in its vendetta to silence me from reporting their crimes I have tried to consult with or notify lawyers, judges, politicians and others nationwide about the unconscionable offenses committed against me by the fbi. My reports of such *inhumane actions are online at different sites. See for example and other recent reports on topic.

Summary of fbi, doj terrorists' assaults on me

Summary of the unending crimes against me by the fbi assassins follows.

Fbi, congress , doj, judges all participate in the torture and attempted murder of this reporter:

US Attorney:


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