For God's Sake


fbi/cia attack with Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW)

Fbi trains cops as serial killers


Psychopaths All Around


fbi relies on FEAR


USA: A Nation Of Psychopaths Threatening The World


"SCAM of the Millennium " often blocked by fbi

 This post is an effort to stop fbi's interference with right of free speech .

Law in the USA: the SCAM of the millenium


Few former fbi agents whistle this tune


Federal Judiciary Corrupt Beyond Repair


The descent of civilization and humanity into the maelstrom


The descent of civilization and humanity into the maelstrom

Important post




Abstract:  This paper reflects 30 years of my struggle to stop the harassment, torture and discreet attempts on my life by the  fbi in its vendetta; the work is a synthesis of my experiences and may also illuminate similar travails by others who are in the cross hairs as bewildered  Targets of fbi psychopaths. Alternate link:

Important post


Soul of America At Risk

 Fbi destroys soul of America 

Fbi does not like any oversight by Congress


USA lost amid turmoil created by its 'Intel'


Crimes By Our Government


Victims of a psychopathic society have no recourse


FOIA Ignored By USPI


Simple yet effective ways to increase your RSS subscribers


RSS subscribers are as valuable as the email subscriber. Gaining RSS subscriber is not an easy task, many bloggers even struggle to take RSS subscriber count of their blog to 2 digit count. There are many ways to increase RSS subscribers and here I am going to share some tips that will help you to improve the number of your RSS subscribers.


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