Soul of America At Risk

 Fbi destroys soul of America 

Fbi does not like any oversight by Congress


USA lost amid turmoil created by its 'Intel'


Crimes By Our Government


Victims of a psychopathic society have no recourse


FOIA Ignored By USPI


Simple yet effective ways to increase your RSS subscribers


RSS subscribers are as valuable as the email subscriber. Gaining RSS subscriber is not an easy task, many bloggers even struggle to take RSS subscriber count of their blog to 2 digit count. There are many ways to increase RSS subscribers and here I am going to share some tips that will help you to improve the number of your RSS subscribers.



Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church


A message of Truth from Geral

 A message of Truth from Geral The fbi and cia engage in crimes against humanity globally, while the media and the ruling class pretend that the USA is the beacon of opportunity and freedom . Such fraud committed by the fbi/cia and their friends is exposed here and now by this author who once believed in America's symbols of liberty and law. In reality many persons today also awaken to the stark truth of this nation as a criminal threat to all of us everywhere. I address the reader of this post as 'you', and I include myself in the same audience.


Information about GERAL SOSBEE


My legacy: the termination of Hoover's fbi


Lol kayit


Manufacture of criminals and mass murderers


Reflections of An Attorney

 See how I prove rampant criminality of fbi. 


Reflections of An Attorney 

Good Will Needed Globally





Evil is the malicious and intentional infliction of physical or mental stress/injury or death on another person or animal. The primary defense against evil for many of us is to expose it .

The fbi agents, operatives, street thugs and assassins are always evil doers in their attacks on Targets. As fbi indoctrinate all police in the USA and elsewhere , the entire so called criminal justice system is evil and should be torn down.

Fbi's psywars


Important Discoveries by Attorney/former fbi agent Geral Sosbee


Removal of my reports from the internet



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