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 fbi_psychological_operations /assaults

Summary of my recent reports

This summary is a reminder of the profound effects of fbi murderous corruption.


Summary of my recent reports

Who are the traitors in collusion with fbi assassins?

 fbi as human monsters

Injustices & crimes by fbi and their fmj

 as human monsters

Here is what Targets and ultimately all people face

 fbi as human monsters

fbi intelligence group is nervous over chatter generated by my reports

The fbi today is a neo NAZI terror group

 fbi as human monsters

Notice of fbi criminality run amuck in a world in crisis


Notice of fbi criminality run amuck in a world in crisis

For about thirty years  the fbi and their associates (including judges, congressmen, assorted federal agencies & police agencies,  street thugs and members of the community) have participated one way or another in hounding and criminally assaulting me. The names of many such persons are in my thousands of reports and websites.


Medical report, toxic fumes, insults and DEW/ELF

 fbi cia ev.l

F b i assassins now have authority over new attorney applicants

 fbi as human monsters

F b i is responsible for Las Vegas massacre


F b i blackballs and obscures my biography

 fbi hoodlums

F b i commits act of war

 act of war, fbi cia ev.l

The dirty, deadly, dastardly burro, i.e., fbi


How does a man defend against this...

 fbi hoodlums

The fbi you never really knew


From accomplished citizen to a fbi experimental rat


Mothers tell your children


Weep For Mankind, Not For Me



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