IMF Reviews International Financial Crises Solutions

Behind closed doors, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Board Members are reacting to solutions prepared by IMF staff aimed at preventing global and regional financial crises. Part of the focus stems from G20 concern over extreme predatory behavior on global finance and the precedent set in the related pending Supreme Court case of Argentina vs NML Capital.

Supreme Court Justices Consider Hearing Argentina Hedge Fund Debt Case


G7 Focuses on Ukraine and Global Financial Stability

The G7 is meeting in Brussels for its annual summit. Initially Russia planned to host the conference, but G7 leaders excluded Russia's participation over the crisis in Ukraine. In addition to the situation in the Ukraine, the agenda will feature conversations on debt restructuring, development and global financial stability.

See recent crimes by fbi against US vet/whistleblower


Argentina Files Final Response Urging Supreme Court to Accept Predatory Hedge Fund Debt Case

Argentina filed its final Supreme Court response to hedge fund NML Capital urging the high court to take the case that the Financial Times calls "the debt trial of the century." Jubilee USA filed an Amicus Curiae brief in March noting that the precedent in the case will impact debt restructurings, poor country access to credit and debt relief programs designed to help people living in extreme poverty. The US government and the International Monetary Fund support Argentina. On June 12th, the Supreme Court is scheduled to discuss whether or not it will hear the case.

"We've finally reached the end game in the Argentina NML debt case," said Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the religious antipoverty group, Jubilee USA Network. We pray the Supreme Court will take the case as it will impact people living in extreme poverty around the globe."

Last week LeCompte met Pope Francis and presented the Holy Father Jubilee USA's Supreme Court filing in support of Argentina.




Global Jubilee Movement Meets Pope Francis

Pope Francis welcomed members of the global Jubilee movement to the Vatican on Wednesday as they were received for high level meetings with Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and Cardinal Peter Turkson, head of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. The Catholic Church, various Christian Churches, Jewish groups and trade unions founded the global Jubilee campaign that successfully cancelled more than 130 billion dollars in sovereign debt and has won tax policies to benefit people living in the poorest countries of the world.

"The Catholic Church was a founder of the global Jubilee movement and is a vital partner in joint efforts to build an economy that serves and protects the poor," noted Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the interfaith antipoverty organization known as Jubilee USA Network. "During our meetings we discussed how debt burdens, corporate tax avoidance and destructive trade polices trap hundreds of millions of people in extreme poverty."

In the tower of the Papal Palace, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin formally received Jubilee USA and global Jubilee counterparts from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. They discussed a range of common interests from curbing corporate tax avoidance to making big banks and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) more transparent. The groups highlighted the critical interfaith efforts to establish an international bankruptcy process for countries and the formation of the Caribbean Debt Network to combat a new wave of IMF austerity measures on the small islands.

"Cardinal Parolin is a very holy person. Not only did he affirm our efforts, but more importantly he noted the great importance of Jubilee's interfaith efforts that bring Muslims, Jews and Christians together to end extreme poverty," shared LeCompte.

During the audience with Pope Francis, the global Jubilee movement presented several gifts, including an official copy of Jubilee USA's Supreme Court filing in the case between Argentina and predatory hedge funds. The case will impact people living in extreme poverty around the world.

"Pope Francis is challenging the policies that keep people poor. He is an important ally in efforts to stop austerity policies and to encourage corporations to pay their taxes," said LeCompte. 

Jubilee USA Network is an alliance of more than 75 US organizations, 400 faith communities and 50 Jubilee global partners. Jubilee's mission is to build an economy that serves, protects and promotes participation of the most vulnerable. Jubilee USA has won critical global financial reforms and more than $130 billion in debt relief to benefit the world's poorest people.



Evidence of Police State USA

 Texas Attorney General and UT officials Cover-up Crimes By UT Police, fbi, and Operatives.

Caribbean Religious Leaders Demand Debt Forgiveness


Albert Woodfox Speaks to the Experts About 42 Years of Solitary Confinement

ALBERT WOODFOX:   Now, all these years later, the hearing on the civil case related to our long-term solitary confinement is approaching. So they sent this psychiatrist to question me. What he was doing, of course, was to try to get me to say that forty years in solitary confinement hasn't really been all that bad. "You seem quite well adjusted," he said. I told him that unless he sits in a cell 23 hours a day for forty years, he has no idea what he's talking about. I said, you want to know what I'm afraid of? I'm afraid I'm going to start screaming and not be able to stop. I'm afraid I'm going to...

fbi uses a form of classical conditioning on Targets

In early April, 2014, I reported that the fbi regularly uses Pavlov’s Conditioned Response technique on me as follows:

Supreme Court Hears Argentina Predatory Hedge Fund Discovery Case


Tsunami Of Corruption

See letter from Texas Attorney General (AG) and my response ordering the University Of Texas to comply with the Texas Open Records Act on my behalf.

The Texas Attorney General (AG) orders the UT Police to comply with the Texas Open Records Act on behalf of Geral Sosbee. See AG letter attached. Then see my message to the AG below; for more background information see parts 19,19a,19b,19c on my site :

to: ""
date: Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 8:41 PM

Jubilee USA Files to Supreme Court in Landmark Debt Case


Police State , USA

See my recent reports on fbi efforts to arrest or silence me fro reporting their crimes.

Cointel Program fbi Operative Falsely labels Combat War Vet a " Murderer"

      In startling developments the fbi sends an anonymous fbi operative online (Abu-Jamal, aka paint me doubtful, aka James Duval) to fraudulently label this fbi whistle blower ( see my sworn affidavit, 2007) and United States combat war vet as *"murderer" for his service in Viet Nam; and in a different post the fbi calls this vet a possible **mass murderer.

Argentina Requests Supreme Court Reverse Federal Court Rulings that favor Predatory Hedge Funds


Thoughts On USA's Police State

The dilemma facing civilized man is to either give in to primal instincts of self survival by active resistance, or to submit to corrupt and murderous authority ,allowing himself to be imprisoned, tortured and killed to avoid confrontation for the preservation of the facade of peace. Thus, (as you quote Wilson) men 'had better not speak above their breath' of how they intend to resolve this-the greatest issue of our time. Many men succumb to the first option and that delights the assassins in government (fbi/police)who benefit from the very violence that they incite/induce.

Argentina Files Final Supreme Court Appeal in Global Hedge Fund Debt Case

 Religious Community Joins IMF, Legitimate Investors and Governments in Opposing Exploitative Hedge Fund Behavior

Jubilee USA Urges Business and Political Leaders at World Economic Forum to End Corporate Tax Avoidance and Support Responsible


The Shortwave Report 01/17/14 Listen Globally!

 Dear Radio Friend, 

            The latest Shortwave Report (January 17) is up at the website  in 3 forms- (new) HIGHEST QUALITY (128kb)(27MB), broadcast quality (16MB), and quickdownload or streaming form (6MB) (28:59) Links at page bottom
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     This week's show features stories from Radio Deutsche-Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, NHK World Radio Japan, the Voice of Russia, and Spanish National Radio.
    From GERMANY- Germany plans to continue pushing for the NSA to cease spying on German government ministers. Two reports on the widely boycotted constitutional referendum in Egypt. A court in Ukraine has banned rallies in the center of the capitol Kiev. Same sex relationships have been banned in Nigeria, following similar laws recently adopted in Uganda. Afghan President Karzai says that 7 children were killed in a US military attack this week.
    From CUBA- Afghan President Karzai has ordered the release of 72 prisoners held by US forces. The International Criminal Court has been asked to examine the actions of former British cabinet members and troops over claims of torture in Iraq. Argentina says it will take legal action against companies exploring for oil in the Malvinas Islands, called the Falklands by British colonial forces.
    From JAPAN- Two reports on protests in Thailand calling for the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister and a delay of elections. An NHK poll shows that the Japanese people are divided on exercising the right to collective self-defense to help an ally that comes under attack. Renewable energy accounted for a record 23% of total electric power generation in Germany last year- Germany plans to end nuclear power by 2022 and have 80% of energy from renewable sources by 2050.
     From RUSSIA- An interview with Professor Chris Busby, the Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risks- they discuss the actual dangers of the radiation released by the disaster in Fukushima.
     From SPAIN- In Spain, opposition to the proposed new restrictions on abortion is growing- in the European Parliament more than half of the members oppose the law calling it a violation of human rights. A press review on the huge demonstration in Bilbao in support of ETA prisoners and Basque independence.
There is an article about the Shortwave Report by Cassandra Roos on line -


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