How to apply law: Misprision of felony


USA's President Has Almost No Power Over fbi/cia/dod Crimes

 USA's  President Has Almost No Power Over fbi/cia/dod crimes

This is your country, your people, not mine


Fbi retaliates & groups trash my report

Fbi Cowards retaliate


Republication in different format : University of Texas/fbi joint crimes against me


Faculty & Students Awaken


Wrap Up From SOSBEE


Global Mandate To Stop fbi/cia from their torture & kill programs


Aşk sözleri ile farki hissedin


Casual reading of an urgent nature


Police State sponsored by fbi sends clear message to Targets in one letter ( T )




We intend to...


Fbi psychopath in China fails to convince with transparent 'garbage'


Fbi corrupts our nation


My L I F E !


A Dim View


Capitalism Is Dead

American styled capitalism is an economic system that is presented to the world as though everyman has the benefit of his own travails through perceived incentives, hard work, perseverance and personal accomplishments:

"... a way of organizing an economy so that the things that are used to make and transport products...are owned by individual people and companies rather than by the government" (Merriam Webster).


*The system is enforced by a monstrosity of big war lords of government, entrenched mega business, wealthy tycoons and the fbi’s police community.


Universality of geral's documentaries


Universality of geral's documentaries


Universality of geral's documentaries



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