Media covers up fbi high crimes


The true & terrible history of the fbi


Plantations Were Prisons: Mobilizing for the Aug. 19 Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in Washington DC


Fbi operatives up to no good


Assault on free will by fbi/Police community




USA's Police State & How To Reverse It

The fbi and cia crime spree and what we can do about it:
The venomous tentacles of fbi permeate society, all branches and departments of government and even the minds of individual citizens at will. The fbi and cia as institutions
(& in coordination with major news media)
 are, as I have demonstrated, the preeminent mind manipulators of the human psyche of the global population. 

*A War Worth Fighting


Fbi are psychopathic predators

The fbi are predatory psychopaths who covet their victims and seek to decimate them. The following material applies directly to the fbi as I have come to know them; note that all who support or aid fbi are by association dangerous predators ( see my reports on USPI KNIPFING, TEXAS DPS RODRIGUEZ,,  UT COPS WILSON & BLEIER,  Detective Posada, Dr. Holder, ):




 (i.e. fbi)


Our doctors and Lawyers are not up to the task of defending liberty

Fbi is a threat to national security of USA, & Congress cares Not

From my previous report on fbi falsely labeling this veteran as a "murderer" as a result of combat duty at risk of life and in defense of USA...

Responsible Parties To Global Atrocities


Congress and VA looking into crimes by USPI AND Fbi

The following post reflects stream of consciousness and is offered for the record :

Intelligence Agencies & Media On A Tear To Overthrow U.S. GOVERNMENT

*Overthrow of & Control Over U.S. GOVERNMENT By fbi



Universal Battle Against Inhumane Government


Studies of human behavior and misleading pedagogy


The enlightened mind universally recognizes the faulty pedagogical methods of presumptuous authors on sight. The use of lineal, sequential analysis often  reflects in its product a defective and delimiting mentality and analysis; qualitative considerations always expose faulty or ineffective logic.

The lies of fbi director designate CHRISTOPHER WRAY


Para Kazandiran Oyunlar


The Comey Effect


Fbi History Book 1996


The real fbi history:


All Targets, living & deceased, are part of the real fbi history book which we are writing today and which exemplifies in our documentaries the fbi's record of torture, mayhem and murder for 100 years. Thank you for your contribution through your suffering and heartbreak.



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