Tracking usps

United States Postal Service(usps) Tracking

It will be easier to track your order and know exactly what should be in your mailbox each day.The United States Postal Service is introducing a new program called Tracking Delivery.The program is similar to tracking a package which is going to deliver.Once package delivered it will be information will be updated.

Clever, Devious Comey & Congress


Crimes Compounded By fbi and USPI, KNIPFING



The time for awakening is NOW!


Scapegoating of Valient Patriots


From the boys & girls in fbi/cia/nsa: don't do what GERAL SOSBEE & BARBARA HARTWELL have done in exposing our atrocities and our crimes  against humanity.  Otherwise, the torture and impending murder that we pursue against them lands right on your miserable heads.

Thank you chumps.


From :

A New Global & Murderous Reich Is Born in USA By fbi et al



A New Global & Murderous Reich Is Born in USA By fbi et al This report should stir thinking people everywhere to ask, in Mr. Trump's words, "What the hell is going on?" A New Global & Murderous Reich Is Born in USA By fbi et al. ________________________________________

Media Culpable As Accessories


Controlled Media Meet Your Mentor


Atrocities Committed By USA 's fbi & cia & dod Against People Everywhere


Liberty is within our reach




I Charge the fbi , aka the 'burro'

The hidden character of fbi


Fbi enters Basilica of San Juan as Satan


fbi again engages in sacrilege in church and on church grounds


For God's Sake


fbi/cia attack with Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW)

Fbi trains cops as serial killers


Psychopaths All Around


fbi relies on FEAR



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