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Healthy Food and Fast Metabolism

Healthy Food and Fast Metabolism

Airtel Customer Care Number

 Airtel is the world famous company and they have millions of users. If any one of them faced any issue than they can easliy make contact to there customer care department. 

Fbi= traitorous cowardly assassins

For the public welfare


America Not Beautiful

GERAL SOSBEE, among the last of the original American patriots:

Our 'suciedad' is forged by fbi traitors and their small minded supporters


Fbi are cyber criminals, cowards, torturers, assassins & t r a i t o r s


Animated Photo

USA is a nation in freefall

 The dilemma facing man:

The people and the President seek to expose fbi criminals


GERAL SOSBEE,  ex fbi Special Agent targeted by fbi and police for torture and death.

Geral Sosbee

  • decorated Viet Nam war veteran:
    • National defense service medal,
    • Combat infantryman badge,
    • Vietnam service medal,
    • Vietnam campaign medal,
    • Sharpshooter  81 millimeter mortarman,
    • Marksman badge,
  • former Instructor  at Amber University and Webster University,
  • former FBI agent,
  • three Letters of Commendation awarded by the Director of the FBI,
  • Doctor of Jurisprudence,
  • attorney,
  • former judge.



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