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Day of Action For Immigration: Texas Can Do Better



Protesting more than 60 "anti-immigrant" bills filed in the Texas Legislature this session, thousands marched from Waterloo Park to the steps of the state Capitol Tuesday.

"We expect two or three thousand people from all over Texas," said Victor Ibarra prior to the event.

Ibarra was among a group from Houston, just one of many cities with protestors bused in from across the state. A separate group also marched from The University of Texas . The marches culminated in a rally outside the Capitol at 1 p.m.

During this session, the marchers said a handful of "extemist" legislators have filed needlessly discriminating legislation aimed at the Hispanic population.

"Texas has a lot of variety of nationalities," said Ibarra. "Those proposed laws don't go with those situations."Critics say many of those bills hurt, even target Hispanics, legal or otherwise. Lawmakers like Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, have maintained their stance though.

"We have probably the laxest immigration law in the world, because we're not following our federal laws," said Berman, who also said he has filed ten anti-immigration bills, including one to make English the official language of Texas. "We're giving them free education, free health care, we're giving them in-state tuition."From Arizona-style immigration enforcement to forcing schools to report undocumented students, people at the rally fear the future, saying Texas is just making it too tough to live here.

"We want to follow the law - U.S. law," said Ibarra.

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The Shortwave Report 02/25/11 Listen Globally

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     This week's show features stories from China Radio International, Radio Deutsche-Welle, Spanish National Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, and The Voice of Russia.
   From CHINA- New Zealand experienced a devastating earthquake on Tuesday, with rescue efforts still underway. China is pushing for the 6-party talks on the Koreas to begin again. Thailand has extended enforcement of an internal security act which bans political demonstrations in parts of Bangkok. China is angry with the US veto of a resolution condemning Israeli settlement activities.
    From SPAIN- The new Basque political party called Sortu must prove it is completely separate from ETA before the government will recognize it. There were political demonstrations for constitutional reform in Morocco over the weekend. The uprising in Libya turned violent early in the week, with the possibility of all-out civil war looming by midweek.
   From GERMANY-  An analysis of the future for Libya's President Gaddafi who is unlikely to surrender or flee the country- also which countries will be the next to face uprisings. A report from the UN says that investing just 2% of global domestic product could turn the tide of environmental catastrophe.
   From CUBA- Fidel Castro warned of a NATO occupation of oil-rich Libya. Deadly US drone strikes have begun on Pakistan again. US officials now admit that Raymond Davis, held in Pakistan for murder, was a CIA operative and former employee of Blackwater. A Viewpoint about civilian deaths in the trillion dollar war on Afghanistan.
    From RUSSIA-  Newly released Wikileaks dispatches explain why the US supports the often embarrassing Italian President Berlusconi- US military bases in Italy, troops to Afghanistan, and support for sanctions against Iran.
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Hillary Clinton,Cocaina Traficante:Mexico,Guantanamo,9/11


SF Live TV: Bato and Sundi Remember Comrade George Jackson


Austin Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers

 Additional photos from the Wisconsin solidarity march to the state capitol.

Live Reporting from the Wisconsin Protests

breaking new Madison IMC is not working right now but there are other places to go for breaking, non-corporate coverage:

Center for Media for Democracy:


Milwaukee, Wisconsin Indymedia: http://mke.indymedia.org

Texas Rangers Harassing Local Activists: How You Should Respond

  In the past week, investigators with the Texas Rangers have approached several Austin activists asking questions about the 2008 fire at the Governor's Mansion. Activists have been visited at their homes, work places, and at local organizations. Simultaneously, the authorities have undertaken a media campaign to vilify local activists and create connections where they don't exist.

If investigators come to your house/workplace/organization:

1) You have the right to not answer questions. Although law enforcement may use tactics of harassment or intimidation to imply that you do not have a choice, you absolutely have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you and others. Even seemingly innocuous questions/answers could have potentially grave implications.

2) If you decide (against your better judgment) to answer questions, you have the right to have an attorney present during any questioning.

3) You have the right to not let them in to your home, or to ask them to leave any place/business under your control. If they don't have a warrant or some reasonable suspicion/probable cause, they cannot enter or remain against your request for them to leave.

If you are visited by law enforcement and you believe it is in relation to this matter, you are encouraged to contact Austin People's Legal Collective at aplc at riseup dot net. We can help you find a lawyer and offer you other support.

For more information about your rights when interacting with law enforcement:

Solidarity forever!
Austin People's Legal Collective

***We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. If you have a specific legal question, please contact an attorney.***


Walk like an Egyptian in Solidarity with Wisconsin


Frances Morey at Rally of Texas Workers in Solidarity with Wisconsin Wokers
  February 21,2011 Hundreds of union members and others gathered at Texas AFL-CIO headquarters and marched to the Capitol for a candelight vigil to show solidarity with Wisconsin public employees whose basic rights are under threat. A crowd that one observer estimated at 1,200 chanted, held signs and applauded brief speeches by Texas AFL-CIO President Becky Moeller, Lon Burnam, Elliott Naishtat and others. Statement of Texas AFL-CIO President Becky Moeller: "We are here today to honor a basic principle of the labor movement: An attack on one is an attack on all. Working families are under attack in Wisconsin. The fight that brought tens of thousands of working people to the Capitol in Madison is no longer merely about balancing a budget. Wisconsin workers have made it clear they are prepared to do their part to reach a solution. Instead, the fight is about the right of workers to a voice in their destiny.

Stand in support of the Iraqi people’s struggle for freedom, democracy, dignity, unity and social justice

 Note to all Austin area peoples: Solidarity Protests will occur in Austin, this Friday to concur with events in Iraq . Time, location to be announced shortly



 please distribute widely

20 February 2011

Support Iraqi protests! 

While millions across the world watched live 18 days of dramatic revolution that ousted the US-allied torture-friendly regime of Hosni Mubarak, no one is offered live feed from Iraq of its people’s uprising against an enemy much worse.

 And while President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are being lauded for their supposed support for Egyptian democracy, no one is asking the key question Washington can’t answer: When will members of this US administration and the three previous face trial for crimes against humanity in Iraq?

 Despite US hypocrisy, nothing will prevent the collapse of US geostrategic goals in the Arab region. It is not by direct confrontation that this is happening, nor by ideology. The interests of the people are opposed to the model of underdevelopment Washington and allies propose and police.

 The year of revolutions

Across the Arab world, 2011 appears set to be remembered as the “year of revolutions”. In Iraq, ravaged by eight years of US occupation, plunder, destruction and death, protests have burst forth in Baghdad, Kut, Basra, Kirkuk, Ramadi, Sulaymaniyah and tens of other locations. As usual, the people face live fire.We declare our solidarity with the people of Iraq in protest. We declare our solidarity with the martyrs of the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, and all martyrs of Arab uprisings.

 We put Washington on notice that it is your policies that are being defeated, and it is your alliances that are falling apart. The region is witness to a rolling tide of Arab renaissance, led by the aspirations of the Arab youth. No injustice will be spared criticism. No lie will remain unexposed.

 Support Iraqi protests!

Stand in support of the Iraqi people in their struggle against state terrorism and repression, generalised corruption, a falsified political process and its state apparatus, generalised lack and collapse of public services, poverty and unemployment, systematic abuse of human rights by the government and its militias, illegal contracts, treaties and a constitution imposed under occupation, and foreign plans to destroy Iraqi culture, economy and unity.


Stand in support of the Iraqi people’s struggle for freedom, democracy, dignity, unity and social justice.

 Stand in support of the Iraqi people in their uprising, and in solidarity with all Arabs at this dawn of a new era!

 The game is over! We demand that Maliki’s government leave without shedding the blood of innocent Iraqis on 25 February, Iraq’s “Day of Peaceful Anger”.

 We demand that other states withdraw support from Maliki and not provide cover for a government bloodbath.

 We are certain the people of Iraq will achieve victory, like their Tunisian and Egyptian brothers and sisters.

  Dr Ian Douglas, member of the BRussells Tribunal Executive Committee and coordinator of the International Initiative to Prosecute US genocide in Iraq – UK/Egypt

Abdul Ilah Albayaty, political analyst and activist, member of the BRussells Tribunal Executive Committee and the International Initiative to Prosecute US genocide in Iraq France/Iraq

Hana Al Bayaty, political analyst and activist, member of the BRussells Tribunal Executive Committee and the International Initiative to Prosecute US genocide in Iraq, France/Iraq

Denis Halliday, Former UN Assistant Secretary General & United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq 1997-98 – Ireland 

Prof Dr Lieven De Cauter, philosopher, K.U. Leuven / Rits, initiator of the BRussells Tribunal – Belgium

Dr Curtis F J Doebbler, international human rights lawyer – USA/Palestine

Felicity Arbuthnot, journalist – UK 

Paola Manduca, professor of genetics DIBIO, University of Genoa – Italy

Lamis Andoni, journalist Palestine

Serene Assir, writer/journalistLebanon/Spain

Dirk Adriaensens, member of the BRussells Tribunal Executive Committee, coordinator SOS IraqBelgium

Matthias Chang, law specialist, Perdana Global Peace Foundation and the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise WarMalaysia

Cynthia McKinney, Green Party US Presidential Candidate USA



Take action!

 1. Endorse this statement by writing here (hanaalbayaty@gmail.com).

 2. There is a virtual blackout on the uprising in Iraq in the Western media. Take initiative and demand that news outlets put Iraq back on the agenda where you are.

 3. For updated information on the uprising in Iraq follow here (Arabic) and here (English 

Exorcism Versus America’s Naïve Movie Industry (alternative movie review: The Rite):



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