BTL:Claims that U.S. Torture Played Key Role in Locating Osama bin Laden are Unsupportable


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     This week's show features stories from China Radio International, NHK Japan, Radio Deutsche-Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, and The Voice of Russia.
    From CHINA- China and the US completed the third round of strategic and economic dialogues in Washington. The EU has placed new restrictions on herbal products which may eliminate Chinese medicinals in most countries.
    From JAPAN- A United Nations Climate panel says that renewable energy sources could supply 80% of global power needs by mid-century. More highly radioactive water has leaked into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The Japanese government has told schools that burying the radioactive topsoil 18 inches below the surface will greatly reduce the danger to schoolchildren. About 60% of the nuclear reactors in Japan are currently shut down.
   From GERMANY-  As Germany moves toward shutting down all nuclear power plants by 2021, a motivating factor is the inability to insure for accidental damages. Millions of Greeks shut down major cities Wednesday in opposition to austerity measures.
   From CUBA- US drone attacks continue killing people in Pakistan. NATO forces continue intense bombing of Tripoli while denying that they are attempting to assassinate Gaddafi. At the UN, Cuba condemned the double standards of some countries in protecting human rights. Ecuadoran President Correa says that opposition groups are delaying the counting of votes from last weekends referendum.
    From RUSSIA- There is a renewed wave of protests in Egypt and Tunisia, indicating a failure of the regime changes in the so-called "Arab Spring." 
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The Khul' Divorce in Egypt


Under the rules of divorce in Islamic sharia, a husband has the prerogative right to divorce his wife any time, any place, with or without any reason. Under certain conditions, the wife may request from the religious judge a judicial divorce in case of ‘harm’ or maltreatment (darar), as stated by the Maliki School of jurisprudence.

ABUSE of the 'global disease surveillance' system


Austin Airwaves Praised at National Conference for Media Reform

Editors'note: Jim Ellinger, of Austin Airwaves, will be part of a presentation on Tuesday May 10th at Monkeywrench Books as a report-back of the National Conference for Media Reform.  Please visit link below or Austin Indymedia's Events Calendar for more information.

Congressman Mike Doyle praises Austin Airwaves.

The Congressman actually mentions TX Sen. KBH and
Jim Ellinger in the same sentence! (This was previously a bit of
a secret...) Austin Airwaves is now credited with playing the key
role in breaking the 'passing secret hold' in Senate during the
closing days of the last Congress.  Hours after Jim's conversation,
the last Senator lifted his secret hold, the bill went to the floor of the
Senate and passed by overwhelming  margin.
A couple of days later the President signed into law the Local
Community Radio Act.


See comments starting at about 4:30.
This story was received no press coverage in Austin, tho' it was
covered on DN!, carried on KAZI 88.7FM.

NOTE: Despite the Congressman's praise, Ellinger is not a real
engineer, but merely plays one on the radio.


Nuclear Adviser Resigns over Japanese Government's Increasing Level of Allowable Radiation Exposure for Children

 Nuclear Adviser Resigns over Japanese Government's Increasing Level of Allowable Radiation Exposure for Children

Interview with Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist and author of "Physics of the Future" , conducted by Scott Harris
The March 11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami that killed 14,700 people and left an estimated 11,000 missing also destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant complex in the north of the country. On April 21, the Japanese government evacuated residents living within a 20-kilometer radius of the disabled nuclear complex -- and barred them from returning to their homes due to increased levels of radiation. 

Story continues

NOW: GOP Assault on Middle Class is a 'War on Women'


Vigil on Cinco de Mayo for Human Rights

A vigil was held at the Texas Capitol

as the Texas Legislature Prepares to Vote on Anti-Immigrant HB 12



As the Texas House of Representatives prepares to debate Arizona copycat law HB 12, people around the state and the U.S. are standing up in opposition.

A diverse coalition gathered for a vigil on Cinco de Mayo, 2011 at the Texas State capitol to let their voices of opposition be heard.

Vigils have popped up in cities around Texas where people will gather to commemorate both Cinco de Mayo and the National Day of Prayer.  RITA members are leading these vigils in the spirit of honoring the on-going struggle for civil rights in the U.S. They are standing up with one voice to say that Arizona-style legislation has no place in Texas because Texas can do better.

This Mother's Day-Support all Mamas Rights to Choices in Pregnancy and Birthing


How Will Bin Laden's Death Affect the U.S. War in Afghanistan?

 How Will Bin Laden's Death Affect the U.S. War in Afghanistan?

Interview with Mel Goodman, former CIA analyst and senior fellow at the Center for International Policy, conducted by Scott Harris
The nation and world were caught by surprise on May 1, when President Obama unexpectedly appeared on television networks to announce that a special U.S. Navy Seal assault team had raided a compound in Pakistan, killing al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. The news of bin Laden’s death came almost 10 years after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York’s World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and a crashed airliner in Pennsylvania, resulting in nearly 3,000 deaths. In cities around the country, thousands of Americans took to the streets to cheer the news of Osama bin Laden’s death. 

Story continues


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