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Immigration Movement Must Fight on Grassroots and Revolutionary Fronts



On Saturday June 12th, a hundred anti-racist and democratic-minded folks descended on the south gate of the Texas State Capitol, protesting a rally held by supporters of Arizona’s SB 1070 and who want to enact a similar law in Texas. Supporters numbered around 200-250 and were made up of Republicans, Tea Party folks, Texas Nationalists, and a sprinkling of fascists. The counterprotest and others like it speak to a growing minority tendency of the immigrant rights movement who are ready for confrontation with supporters of white supremacy and which has added new dimension to the debate over the road the movement should take.

The FBI’s War On Democracy --Claude Marks discusses the new film COINTELPRO 101


The Shortwave Report 09/17/10 Listen Globally


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   From CHINA- 
China's currency, the yuan, has reached a new high against the US dollar. Surveys show that Chinese do not want their retirement age changed. A report on the status of OPEC, questioning how much influence it really has on the price of petroleum products. The French Senate almost unanimously passed the bill banning the burka in public.

The ongoing deportation of Roma people from France is continuing to receive harsh criticism from the rest of Europe, and some suggest that it is just preparing the way to deport Muslims.
   From CUBA- 
US drone attacks are rapidly increasing in Pakistan, with 3 in a 24 hour period Tuesday. 14 antiwar activists are facing trial in Nevada for opposing drone attacks last year. The Obama administration is asking Arab states to withdraw a measure calling on Israel to join the global nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Cuba made a proposal at the United Nations to eliminate and forbid the possession of nuclear weapons, and suggested that current military spending be used for social and economic development. The Pentagon is negotiating to buy and destroy all 10,000 copies of an Afghan War memoir, "Operation Dark Heart" by Anthony Shaffer. The Obama White House rejected a proposal to reinstall the solar panels Jimmy Carter had installed in the 1970s.
   From GERMANY- 
The European Commission has proposed tougher controls on derivatives and other practices that helped create the current financial crisis.

    From RUSSIA- 
A commentary on the planned $60 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia, possibly the largest arms sale in history.

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You've had enough, haven't you? Enough of this rabble? Well, we're going to get rid of them for you.



-- Nicolas Sarkozy, 

Comments about young delinquents in Paris suburbs, made just before the October/November 2005 riots. Sarkozy was answering a woman who asked him if he would help them "to get rid of this rabble".


Santa Feans call for Truth in Public Celebration of Religious Conquest

 Santa Fe New Mexico to many represents a unique icon of our nation's multicultural past. Little known to the thousands of tourists who visit the city each summer to buy original art and knock-off trinkets, local officials also harbor some deep, dark secrets. The secrets are not told at the iconic state-run Palace of Governors Museum, where Native American artisans sell hand-made jewelry under a covered walkway alongside one of the nation's most visited town squares.

The dark secret involves murder, religion and conquest. Each year, a city-funded celebration of a "peaceful reconquest" omits details of 70 prisoners executed by Conquistadors who captured the Plaza on Dec. 29, 1693. The prisoners had been seized during a daylong battle in which the band of starving colonists hoped to find a supply of food to get them through the winter. The murders, in the words of the conquistador's leader, were for their crime of apostasy against his deity.

The truth of the killings is told in first person by Don Diego De Vargas, who led the 1693 expedition back into New Mexico. De Vargas wrote in his now-translated journals (To the Royal Crown Restored, University of New Mexico Press, 1995) that "I told them I was having them killed" and "the number of Indians killed that day was 70." The book is available in the research section of the Santa Fe Public Library, just around the corner from the Plaza.

This week, an anonymous group of Santa Feans who fear retribution if their names become known called for an end, or at least a significant restructuring, of the publicly funded religious celebration set this year for Sept. 9 through Sept 12. Calling themselves Santa Feans for Truth and Reconciliation, the group in a press release questioned support for the Santa Fe Fiesta by Santa Fe Mayor David Coss and Gov. Bill Richardson.

"Santa Fe may well be the only city in the U.S. that allows one culture to openly and arrogantly celebrate its military conquest and subjugation of another culture whose descendants still make up a significant part of the local population," says a news release.

The anonymous group describes an annual parade around La Conquistadora -- a statue associated with the Spanish reconquest of what had been the capital of Spanish New Mexico until the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 -- as a "barbaric display".

"The Catholic Church does not parade a version of the Virgin Mary with whips and shackles through the streets of Mobile, Alabama to celebrate the history of slavery," the press release states.

According to a press release, next week's Fiesta fosters "a climate of fear and retribution" that makes it untenable for local residents to speak openly about their town's history. A spokesman for the group reportedly told a local newspaper they are concerned that they or their children would be harassed if their names were made public.

To put this bit of history in context, consider the time. It was one year after the Salem witch trials resulted in the deaths of 20 Massachusetts residents by hanging and, in one case, crushing beneath a pile of stones. Today, the Salem witch trials and the public panic that prompted the official lynchings are part of our national history. The graves of victims are marked, and the State of Massachusetts in 2001 officially apologized for the injustice committed in the state's name in generations past. The History Channel and other networks retell the story.

Santa Fe's history of the same time is seldom recounted in popular media. To read an accurate account, one must visit libraries and often pore over original documents that only now are seeing the light of day.

European colonists swept through what is now southern New Mexico and into Santa Fe in what to this day is celebrated as a "peaceful reconquest 13 years after Pueblo natives of the area had violently evicted previous colonists. The Pueblo Uprising of 1680 followed an incident in which Roman Catholic priests had led the flogging and lynching of several Pueblo spiritual leaders at the site of what is now the Santa Fe Plaza.

The floggings and lynchings were retribution for Pueblo member's interest in their native religion. The Catholic conquistadors, by some accounts not readily available in state-run museums, believed the Pueblo native's belief in their native religion was responsible for a drought that left the Pueblos unable to share gifts of corn and other foods the colonists had demanded of them. Unlike Salem, Mass. where the graves of 17th century victims of state-sponsored murders are now marked, neither Santa Fe nor the State of New Mexico has made an effort to determine what happened to the bodies of victims.

When the city built a new convention center in recent years, a jumble of bones archeologists found dumped in what was to become a parking garage near the Plaza were left in place, entombed by concrete. Archeologists speculated that previous Pueblo residents of the Plaza had been haphazard in burying their dead. Officials did not consider at that time where the bodies of the 70 prisoners executed on Dec. 29, 1693 were buried. A state historian said those details might be found in journals of priests from that era, now in the custody of local Roman Catholic Archdiocese officials.

Their military leader, Po’pay, is now memorialized in the National Statutory Hall in the rotunda of the U.S. Congress, but the Pueblo Uprising of 1680 was not a peaceful event. The history of violence against religious colonists during the Pueblo uprising is well documented in Santa Fe. A cross erected on private land near downtown Santa Fe commemorates Catholic friars who were "martyred" during the Pueblo uprising. That cross has been painted red by persons unknown each of the past three years during the city's annual "Indian Market" art sales event.

Additional evidence of Santa Fe's uncomfortable relationship with a long history it otherwise proudly markets can be seen on a memorial obelisk in the center of the Plaza. Several years ago, someone -- unidentified in media, court records or historical accounts -- chiseled away the adjective "savage" from language in a memorial commemorating those who fought against the the area's original inhabitants.

When asked his view of Santa Fe's dark secret following a performance on the Plaza by a well-known Canadian Cree performer, Santa Fe Mayor David Coss said the city's upcoming celebration of a supposed 400th Anniversary would feature dual accounts of the city's history -- one as told by Hispanic leaders and another as told by Pueblo officials.

One Pueblo governor recently said his community prefers not to dwell on the past. Pueblo leaders in recent years have focused on building a local economy around casinos and resort hotels, one of which dwarf's Santa Fe's new convention center.

Native American veterans of the U.S. military interviewed at the Plaza about the famous town square's forgotten history said modern-day accounts of long ago events should accurately reflect information available in existing historical records.

According to De Vargas daily journal entries, as translated, the military reconquest of New Mexico continued after his lightly armed followers stormed the Plaza stronghold in 1693. De Vargas documents additional killings of Pueblo residents as the conquest swept into Northern New Mexico, in each case justifying the killings of prisoners in terms of their refusal to accept the conquistador's religion.

Heirs of the conquistador who oversee organization of the city-sponsored celebration say De Vargas' conquest of Santa Fe can be described as peaceful because in 1692 he had reached an agreement with Pueblo residents then living on the Plaza to allow him to return. Modern day accounts of that agreement as told by the heirs don't sort out whether the Pueblo residents agreed to share the Plaza or to allow themselves to be ruled by the European colonists.

Though the violent nature of the reconquest was noted in at least two 2007 stories printed in the local newspaper under a staff byline, the same newspaper has printed several accounts by recognized historians of European descent who omit the execution of prisoners in their versions of the battle for the Plaza. Following the two stories that mentioned the murders, another 2007 account by author Marc Simmons on the front page of that home-town newspaper detailed the hardships colonists faced in the winter of 1693 -- including their lack of food, which they had expected to obtain from local natives. Simmon's holiday-season account said one pueblo resident hanged himself rather than surrender after the battle for the Plaza, but did not mention the 70 captives who were executed on the day when European colonists established the current succession of governors in New Mexico.

Additional killings during the European "reconquest" of New Mexico occurred on the Plaza in Taos. Until recent years, an official plaque memorialized Pueblo members lynched there, but city officials have since removed the plaque. As in Santa Fe, an accurate account of violence during the European conquest is not readily available to tourists who flock to the serene mountainside village to enjoy a taste of American history.

Now That We Destroyed Iraq, Let's Leave It


But Let's Continue to Throw Millions More of Our Tax Dollars Into Rebuilding It
by Peter Stern
After all, we did the same thing with Germany and Japan after World War II via our destruction of those nations with our bombings.  After we dropped the A-Bomb on Hiroshima, destroyed the city and caused deaths and radiation mutilation to millions of Japanese, we then (almost guilt-ridden) soaked our tax dollars into rebuilding Japan, a task that lasted for decades.  It took decades also to rebuild Hamburg and other German cities with American tax dollars.   History repeats itself, as does the ongoing "war machine."
Now, Iraq stands without its legs.  It is a country without real leadership or foundation.  The people have lost their homes, schools and their traditional daily lives.  The disruption includes no electricity, lack of fresh water and ongoing health issues.  Since 1991 the U.S. has been hell-bent on removing the Hussein family regime and occupying Iraq.  After almost 10 years of U.S. presence, civil unrest continues and suicide bombings kill dozens daily.  Although finished in Iraq, the mayhem continues in Afghanistan.
So what has been accomplished in Iraq that justifies spending more than $1 TRILLION of our tax dollars???
Well, one way to view the matter is to recognize that $1 Trillion could have averted some of the economic problems we face in our own nation.  Iraq lies in shambles --- physically, politically and socially.  We leave Iraq with a skeleton government, one that can do little to protect itself and its citizens --- but we are still leaving.
Congress should pat itself on the back for a job well-done.  We came, we conquered, we obliterated, but we did little to free and protect the people of Iraq.  The majority want what people in the U.S. want:  freedom to live their lives the way they want to; the right to educate their children who deserve a better way of life.
Instead, the U.S. has given license to radical individuals and groups to continue infighting and suicide bombings, the kind that murder parcels of the population every day.  We did not install democracy as we promised and we created more harm than good.  Tribal leaders will once again fight for domination.  It is an age-old tradition that dates back to Biblical times.
Yes, forces obliterated the Hussein Dynasty, the same one we supported for decades, but at what cost to our nation and to the people of Iraq?  Let's pull-down the veils and take a good look at what we have accomplished.  The winners are the corporate titans, e.g., Halliburton, Exxon, BP and others.  U.S. citizens are kept in the dark regarding what their leadership accomplished during the past decade.  Our pride as a nation is disintegrating on a world scale.  We are driving down a long, lonesome road --- from which there is no return.  And let's top it off by throwing more of our tax dollars into the lost effort of returning Iraq to some sense of normalcy.  After all, we can afford it, can't we?  After all, we have always done that for nations we have destroyed.

Texas Governor Rick Perry is a Scoundrel, Liar and Coward

This November will Texans Finally Get Smart?
by Peter Stern

Jimmy Johns Labor Dispute Bursts onto National Stage with Coast-to-Coast Actions Planned for Labor Day


The Shortwave Report 09/03/10 Listen Globally

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia. 

Update From the IMF Resistance Network


Greetings from the IMF Resistance Network! With five weeks to go, interest in the October demo is increasing around the world. Sign up for our announcement list at http://imfresistance.org/?page_id=22

- The nice people at Occupied London have reposted our call. Check it out at http://www.occupiedlondon.org/blog/2010/08/27/351-call-for-global-anti-i/
- We have confirmation that the dates of the meetings have changed. The new dates are October 8 - 10, with seminars on the seventh. http://www.imf.org/external/am/2010/schedule.htm

- Tentative schedule in place. Times and particularly places are subject to change, and more events and details will be filled in in the coming days.

Thursday, October 7: Student day of action. This is being organized by Defend Education and various radical students in DC. http://www.defendeducation.org/

Friday, October 8: Jubilee USA (http://www.jubileeusa.org/) is organizing a permitted march, to be followed by a block party in Washington Circle featuring food, workshops and trainings. There will be an anti-capitalist night of action Friday night.

Saturday, October 9: Festival at the Ellipse (a park in DC near the Capitol). Music, art and magic.

Sunday, October 10: Nothing yet, get in touch at contact (AT) imfresistance (DOT) org if your group would like to organize something.

Austin solidarity vigil for Arizona

On July 29th, as Arizona's anti-immigrant law SB 1070 went in to effect, a vigil was held at the Texas State Capitol in Austin. 


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