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Trauma and Stress Designed and Induced By fbi


hacking FACEBOOK


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Targeted Individuals Association

Fbi Exposed & Destroyed

 The filthy corruption of fbi is now fully documented in my reports which stretch nearly  half a century.   Even if their serial killers succeed against me, the fbi is 

h i s t o r y.


Torture & Forced Suicide = Murder

Many people in this nation are guilty of numerous heinous crimes, but will never be charged because public policy invites the citizenry and government agents to kill others.


Tracking usps

United States Postal Service(usps) Tracking

It will be easier to track your order and know exactly what should be in your mailbox each day.The United States Postal Service is introducing a new program called Tracking Delivery.The program is similar to tracking a package which is going to deliver.Once package delivered it will be information will be updated.

Clever, Devious Comey & Congress


The time for awakening is NOW!


Scapegoating of Valient Patriots


From the boys & girls in fbi/cia/nsa: don't do what GERAL SOSBEE & BARBARA HARTWELL have done in exposing our atrocities and our crimes  against humanity.  Otherwise, the torture and impending murder that we pursue against them lands right on your miserable heads.

Thank you chumps.


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