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What Would Trump Fascism Look Like?


Texas Soon May Detain 3,500 Immigrant Family Members at Private Prisons with Sexual Assault Histories


A Look Inside Obama's Broken Immigration System

A look inside Obama's broken immigration system examines the functioning of American policy towards immigrants. Community members from all over Austin, gathered to honor the children who have traveled a dangerous path to our Texas border. They’re escaping violence caused by economic, psychological and political oppression. The goal is to rise above the political rhetoric and come together in solidarity in the hope that our common humanity can embrace these children.

Music by David Rovics "No One is Illegal"
Videography by Grace Alfar & Nathan Blond.
Editing by Jeff Zavala & Grace Alfar.
Austin Indymedia Production.

The Argument for Amnesty: An Immigration Policy That Works for All

 Millions experience the repressive nature of the U.S. immigration system on a daily basis, lifting its need for reform to a level of urgency. And fixing this broken program is integral to building the unity among U.S. workers that is required to challenge corporate America’s attacks on our wages, rights, public social services, and living conditions.

Undocubus Visits Austin: Undocumented and Unafraid

The Undocubus visited Austin on August 3rd as part of their cross-country tour exposing the unjust immigration policies of the United States. The undocumented immigrants of the bus left Phoeniz where they have been part of the campaign to remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio from power.

Allies and supporters in Austin held a rally in solidarity with the Undocubus at our Sheriff Greg Hamilton's office. Sheriff Hamilton, like Sheriff Arpaio, uses the "Secure Communities" program in his jail which collaborates with ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) to send suspected undocumented immigrants to immigration prison and deportation. The demonstrators called on Sheriff Hamilton to end "Secure Communities" in Travis County.

The following day, members of the Undocubus held a teach-in with Texans United For Families and the Hutto Visitation Program on Breaking the Isolation of Immigrant Detention.

For more information:
Texans United for Families on Facebook

Catholics 4 Sheriff Joe Arpaio & Murder


According to court papers filed in United States District Court (phoenix) an Arizona Catholic Hospital, Mercy Gilbert Hospital (Dignity Health, Inc.), has shown solidarity with Sheriff Joe Arpaio with an attempted murder of a plaintiff in United States of America v. Maricopa County (Arpaio), et al..

Austin Vigil Against SB1070 As Supreme Court Hears Anti-Immigrant Case


Members, allies and supporters of the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition came together on April 25th, 2012 to hold a vigil a against the anti-immigrant Arizona law SB 1070. The Supreme Court began hearings that day on whether the controversial law in constitutional. SB 1070 requires local and state officials in Arizona to enforce immigration laws and legally opened the door to racial profiling against latin@s and other people of color. The vigil at the state capitol in Austin gathered at the vigil to say that this law divides our communities and makes all of us unsafe. They stood together is solidarity to say "Somos uno", "We are one".


New Texas "civil" Detention Center Unveiled - Reposted from Todo Austin

Texans United for Families (TUFF) protesting Wells Fargo in Austin, TX

Reposted from Todo Austin

  On March 13, 2012, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unveiled its new “civil” detention center in Karnes County, Texas, located one hour southeast of San Antonio. By the end of the month the facility will hold male migrants who are either asylum-seekers or have been categorized as “low-risk.” Karnes County contracted with private prison giant the GEO Group to build this detention center, which sits upon 29 acres of land and has 608 beds, with the possibility to expand to 1200 beds. The detention center is heralded by ICE as a model facility that is demonstrative of its efforts to move towards “humane detention.” Despite its shiny exterior and the presence of volleyball courts and soccer fields, the GEO group’s troubled history and record of human rights violations within its facilities are cause for alarm. The promise of “humane detention” itself is an oxymoron that community members should challenge. A gilded cage is still a cage.

Read more here.

January 11, 2012 Under Obama, guest-worker visa policy creates left-right conflict


Texans United For Families presente: 1 de mayo en San Antonio


Fotos de Austin Indymedia


Más de 200 personas marcharon por el centro de la ciudad de San Antonio en 1 de mayo. La marcha, organizada por el Southwest Workers Union de San Antonio, comenzó y terminó en la Main Plaza. Miembros de los Tejanos Unidas Para Las Lamilias de Austin (TUFF, Texans United For Families) marcharon a mostrar su solidaridad y conectarse con otros en su campaña para poner fin a la deportación y la detención de los inmigrantes.

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